The new computer – part 3425

I think I am done – or as close to being done with a new technology as any human will ever be.

It all sounded and seemed so simple. Oh yes, I have had my learning curves but all in all, it has been a piece of cake compared to a PC. Until, that is, I tried to solve my mail problem. Here’s how it’s really strange (and trust me, it’s very weird indeed)

My old PC used to receive mail, which would also dutifully appear on my iPad and iPhone (hereinafter referred to as Apple devices). When I deleted them on my PC, they were also deleted from my devices. Simple.

With my iMac I received emails the same way – BUT when I deleted them from my iMac they stayed on my devices – and that means lots and lots – hundreds of emails accumulating before I twigged on to it.

First call: Apple support. The genius young man said, no problem. I know exactly what’s going on. You have a Pop account and you need an imap account. We’ll just switch you over. Oh good – a nice easy fix. But then he says, Hmmmm (I hate it when tech support says (hmmm). I’m on the Shaw website and there is no imap server. You’d better call Sahw.

No problem. Shaw support can fix this up for me. I call Shaw the next day and indeed, the clever tech support guy there says it’s an easy solution. At Shaw they hae something called Exchange – which is basically the same thing as imap – a server that sends you your emails but keeps them on the main server rather than downloading them to your computer and dumping them from the server.

Cool. We change the settings (this is easy). And then we’re ready to go. But we’re not. Because it doesn’t work. So we try a few other things. Then he says he wants to take over my computer. Fine. I click on to their RDA site – but I can’t do it because I have to download Java first and then the download disappear sand then we find out that I can only do this on Safari and not Chrome and Safari is the world’s worst and most awkward browser – and finally after a good 20 minutes of fiddling, we have it all happening and he takes over my computer. After 30 minutes he calls in a senior guy who also can’t understand why I can’t run exchange. After TWO FREAKING HOURS they give up and give me back my pop account. I have to call Apple support it seems because they’ve run out of ideas. Maybe some versions of Mac are not compatible with Exchange, they say.

Today it’s back to Apple support. No, they say – not their issue. It’s Shaw settings that are at fault and, by the way, they always use pop with Mac and devices and it works just fine.


I have alleviated the stress of all this by calling it quits. Once a day I will manually remove emails from my iPhone and live with it. Maybe some day there will be a mail upgrade or some such thing that will fix this problem. And maybe not.

The good news is that at least I receive mail. And, hey, did I ever learn a lot about how this machine works! There’s absolutely nothing like trying to solve issues for upping that learning curve!

But – um – I think I’ll take a day off tomorrow. (or most of the day. Tomorrow’s adventure is plugging in my external hard drive and backing up everything on the computer. I think I’ll start that process before bed….

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  1. Backup is a great idea. We bought terabyte drives here in China. I back up everything.

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