New Computer




There it is – my new computer. So far, so good, although I think I will be spending most of the day learning it. There are just quirks that a PC has that a Mac does not have – and vice versa. So here I am  – learning.

The setup was amazing. I took it out of the box, plugged it in, turned it on and just like that, within seconds, everything was up and running. Then all I had to do was explore. I have to admit I have never seen a machine so beautiful. The design is pure art – good on Steve Jobs! You know that thing about form follows function? Not true – not always. I think function and form have to work together. I have had a philosophy all my life that I ironically express as, “It doesn’t have to mean anything as long as it looks good.”

Of course that’s carrying it too far in the other direction. But when you focus on beautiful form, you are also forced to think about function and how you can make it function as beautifully as it looks. That, I think, is what Apple has done.

At any rate, it took 40 minutes for me to make my first support call to Apple!!! Ha!!! I tried to download and install Flash and it kept asking for my password. And yes, I knew how to find that in system preferences but I had to change a password that I didn’t have. So the nice people at Apple (no waiting – support was instant) had me reset the system so that I could create an original password – in other words, I should have known the original password to start with – an oversight by the store. Bingo – I was in business!

Then of course, my iTunes stopped working because they thought this was another new computer and I had exceeded my limit. Found out how to deactivate my last PC and was back in business.

This morning, so far, was back to system preferences to figure out screen brightness (done) and then attaching photos (done) – it’s just all these very small ways of doing things differently. But it’s also very intuitive.

More chores for the day: download a new accounting program and learn it; orgainze my photos better; re-make iTunes playlists that were lost in translation; bring old PC back to factory settings before I give it away to a needy cause. And then a bit more practice. I’m getting it.



Yes – I do – so far so good.

And now I shall leave you with a couple of photos of yesterday’s very wet hike up at Heart Lake.




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