New computer

The time has come,I think, when I have to seriously consider a new computer. As I write this, I am backing up my photos, documents, etc. my computer, which admittedly is at least six or seven years old, is getting very, very sloooooow. It freezes up on way too many pages and takes ages to download them. It has served me well – but I fear the time has come

I was actually hoping to eke out another couple of years, but I think not. I have also seriously considered a new PC versus a Mac and I am leaning strongly toward the Mac. The reviews on Windows 8 have been less than stellar. It’s going to cost a great deal more (3 times more) to buy the Mac I want because I have to include a bunch of new software but I think in the long run it will be worth it.

I also think I will take full advantage of the Apple data transfer service and have the store take all my data, including address book and so on and place it on my new computer

All this means that I will be computer shopping later this week. This is always a cause for much trepidation as well as excitement. I the past I have set aside an entire weekend (while adopting a zen like attitude) during this process of setting up a new computer and importing all my files and data. This time I expect an easier, happier outcome. Let the store do the hard work. Fingers crossed. And keeping in mind that with computers, what can go wrong will and it is never as easy as they say it is.

On another note, I am so freaking busy this week with newspaper work that I had to postpone my book work for a few days – maybe a whole week. But that happens, right? Ya gotta take the paying jobs first, especially when contemplating a new Mac

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