Paradise Meadows


Great hike yesterday at Paradise Meadows/Cruickshank Canyon. It must have been good – it lasted over eight hours.

J and I brought along newbie hiker, Ernie, who wore his steel toed workboots in lieu of hiking boots and actually made it without whining once – thus having passed our litmus test. He has been invited to come with us again. (although whether he will or not is a moot point. After all, he was a guy hiking and driving with two women for 12 hours. At best, he learned something. At worst – well – he learned something.)

I, on the other hand, whined plenty – so much so that J said, “Hey, you’re whining AGAIN!” And I believe this was early on in the day. Still, I couldn’t help myself. Having just come back from California where the hiking trails are immaculate, I was spoiled – almost unprepared for the roots and rocks and muck and other hindrances on a typical BC trail.

But no matter. My whining was half-hearted at most given the incredible beauty we were surrounded by. Like this:


Paradise meadow is just plain lousy with lakes.

Teh dogs had a good time. They pooped and, more importantly for them, found lots of human poop to sniff, lick, eat and otherwise enjoy. Ocean even found some fresh large animal poop to roll in. When J made her jump in the water to wash it off, Ocean was visibly dismayed at losing her precious, odoriferous perfume.

Abby had a good day. It began when a group of young hikers passed us on their way back to the trailhead from the campground. One of the hikers was carrying a plastic bag teat Abby, naturally, snatched out of his hand and tore into. It contained a noodle soup packet. Jackpot! Abby, not having opposable thumbs to tear open the packet, simply ate it, plastic and all. I expect to see some interesting poop from her today.

I had determined to leash Abby as we approached Cruickshank Canyon.


I thought a leash might be necessary for my own sense of safety. Little did I know. We were still a fair bit away when Abby’s nose went up in the air and her tail began that rapid wag that signals “I smell food!” I didn’t stand a chance. She was off like a shot. Yelling her name – why I don’t know because there was no chance she was going to listen to me – I took off after her, risking life and limb over tree roots and steep rock drop-offs.

There she was, tearing through a crowd of maybe a dozen or more people taking whatever she could. Someone finally grabbed her by the collar but not before she’d licked someone’s cheese, grabbed someone’s bag of nuts and who the heck knows what else because people just scowled at me at wouldn’t talk.

Thankfully, it seems they were all at the end of their lunch time and were packing up to leave. Ah yes, small blessings.

We continued around in the direction of Circlet Lake before heading back. We were rewarded now and then by parting clouds and views of mountains.


And we didnt’ have too many more “Abby” incidents – except for that thing with the people at Lake Helen McKenzie who were feeding the Whiskey Jacks and they had food in their hands and Abby could reach them and, well – I did manage to get a leash on her.

Today, Abby is tired and snoozing peacefully in her bed. This can only be considered a good thing.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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2 Responses to Paradise Meadows

  1. Annette says:

    I think it’s time to get Abby off to doggy training. Your hikes would be even more pleasant if she listened to you.

  2. goodyniosi says:

    HAHA – she has been off to dog training a-plenty and listens beautifully – except where food is involved – or stealing things. Training goes only so far….

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