Loving Klamath Falls


Considering it was a long day on the road, it was as good a day as I’ve had. I was up at five – that’s pretty inevitable for me when I know I have a long haul ahead of me. Took Abby for a quick walk in the dark, overturned and ripped apart garbage containers providing adequate proof that bears really do roam around Mammoth Lakes in great abundance.

The wonderful thing about hitting the road before sunrise is that you actually get to see the sun rise, turning the sierras red and making the waters of Mono Lake gleam.


We drove through a staggering variety of country – everything from huge pine forests to desert and farmland. As we approached Klamath Falls at about 3 pm I said to Abby, “We are going to love Klamath Falls!”. I just had a feeling.

First, we stopped at Albertson’s for our dinner – and hurrah! They had deli salads without meat (not an easy find in many parts of this fine country). I even found a shady spot to park,while I shopped – and that’s even harder to find that bacon free crunchy veggie salad!

Back on main street, I turned into the Vagabond Inn. The nice lady at reception told me there were no rooms at the inn but, to save me the trouble of driving all over town, she would call around for me. She did. She made many calls. EVERYONE was full! It seems this is the time of year all,the groups come to see Crater Lake. What to do?

Well. Absolutely nothing, as it,turns out. The phone rang with a cancellation for the best room in the place that I got at a discount! So I have a gorgeous king size bed, a huge room, TV (so that I can watch x factor again tonight) and the best Internet Connection I have had.

It gets better. When I asked where I could take Abby for a walk, and believe me, she badly needed to get out for an hour or so, Rosa pointed to the trail that runs right beside the hotel – 70 miles of it!

Not that I actually planned to walk all 70 miles. But Abby and I were right into it when a young man came toward us- handsome of course – and naked! Okay, I lied about the naked part – just a bit. He was shirtless and had his pants slung so low he didn’t leave much to the imagination. Yes, yes – his bod was rock hard and lovely. And why, pray tell, am I attracting all this masculine pulchritude into my life when I am approaching the ripe age of 66?

No matter, I can still enjoy for the pure sake of enjoyment.

So haven’t I just had the best day?

And just a word about the High Sierras. I am coming back. And soon. The hiking is amazing. I am stunned that it took me this long to discover this piece of heaven.

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Writer, avid(!!!) hiker - living life to the fullest. Love, life, bliss - getting high on getting high (in the alpine that is)
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