Almost a perfect 10


This is the view from Mammoth Ridge. And this was not a momentary view. Scenes like this,filled my eyes all day long. Is it any wonder that today was almost a perfect 10? How close did it get? I would rate it at 9.9. The missing .1? No bubble bath at the end of the hike. But that’s okay. Instead I spent $220 on a new pair of hiking boots. ANOTHER new pair of hiking boots.

Let me explain. I have my old, falling-apart low rise hiking shoes that are immeasurably comfortable but have been relegated to everyday pfutzing around in shoes. My newest Merrels hurt my toes so,etching fierce. I have two black toenails to prove it. My very comfy Merrell boots (and by the way I brought all this footwear with me) lost the soles this morning. Well, one of the boots did. And because I could not very well hike up a mountain with a flapping sole, I wore my,comfy, worn out she’s. They did the trick but I needed. More permanent solution. And so off the hiking boot store – of which there are plenty in this hiking town. I now own the best hiking shoes I have ever had in my life or the guy is the best salesman I. The history of shoe stores. There are now 4 pairs of shoes on this trip, not counting my slippers.

But enough of boot. Using adventures. What about the hike you may well ask. Honestly, words fail me. Views that were endless the entire six or seven hours. Steep ,tough – made so by the thin Ir of 10,000plus feet elevation. But of the glory of hiking in the fabled John Muir Wilderness, looking over to Banner Peaks in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. The crystal blue lakes, the alpine, the peace, the beauty. It is at times and in places like this that I feel,touched by the divine.

Abby almost behaved herself. Except for that crunchy stuff she found now and then to eat on the trail. I actually suspect they were pine cones. Are pine. Ones good for dogs? Oh well, if squirrels can eat them, why not dogs?

On our way,back down we encountered a young man frantically calling his dog’s name. I thin it,was something like Choctaw. He told me that Chocktaw was a little Ja k Russell Terrier and he had suddenly taken off – probably after. Squirrelly. And now he couldn’t find him. The young guy went back along the trail, then came back. My heart went out to him ” If it were my dog, I’d be frantic,” I said. He nodded. “I am,” he said. Finally he,gave up, walking ahead on the trail, still calling his dog’s name. Abby and I continued down the trail, me with my eyes peeled for any movement.

And then there was movement and a little brown and black and white dog came trotting hesitantly along the trail toward us, obviously searching for his person. Abby enticed him closer and I snapped her leash on him. Checked his tag – yup the phone number was there. Pulled out my mobile and Chris answere in two rings. “I’ve got Chocktaw,” I said.

We waited in the shade of a white pine while we waited for Chris to come back. I gave the little guy some water, which he almost hurled himself into. Happy reunion? The young guy was almost in tears.

So thAt was part of what made this day so good – my small chance to make a little difference. And of course, for Chris and Chocktaw, it made all,the difference in the world. I am so grateful that there is not a frightened, lonely little pup wandering in the wilderness tonight.

Okay, one more photo – because at the moment I really have no non-cliched words for this fantastic beauty.


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  1. Pat Durose says:

    Wow, what a great day !

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