Hiking the Cowpath

Nothing makes me feel as blessed as I do when I am out in nature – preferably hiking from point A to point B, which made yesterday’s hike on the Cowichan River footpath perfect. We parked one car at Skutz Falls and the second in Duncan at the Fish and Game Club. Our hike preceded from there for 20 K.

How to describe this spectacular, lush, almost primeval forest? It’s breathtaking. And constantly there are views of a turquoise river.

It’s a magical hike – made happily less so be cavorting dogs, one of whom seems to think that the best way to catch a squirrel is to make as much noise as possible while crashing through the brush in hot pursuit and then barking at the tree it escaped to in the fond hope the squirrel will say, “Sure, I hear you – let me just come right down there and play with you.”

In the summer the Cowichan River is a Mecca for tubers. Who knew? Not us – but we are aware of it now. The tubers looked like they were having way to much fun, especially through the rapids. And then there were all the people on the opposite shore who were just lolling in deck chairs and enjoying the sun.

We decided to actually find the “falls” that are Skutz Falls. We had never seen them – so at the end of the hike we kept going up river until we came upon what can only be described as a bit of a rapids surrounded by old debris of some sort of construction. Not worth a look. I’d say Skutz falls is as aptly named as Fullers Falls, which appear about halfway through the hike. Fullers Falls is a dry creekbed crossed by a tiny rickety little bridge. I’m guessing they were both named by the identical genius map maker.

However – back to the hike! Fabulous! Love it! Recommend it any time. (except maybe during fishing season when Abby would run away with fishing poles and lures and scarf down bait – this would be less than ideal.)

One final photo: 

Oh – and by the way. We came across lots of huckleberries that we snacked on. And then we noticed lots of Oregon grapes too. I had heard somewhere that if you are ever lost in the woods, you could survive on Oregon grapes. So I tried one. Let me put it this way: If I was lost in the woods and Oregon grapes were the only food, I would die of starvation.


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