Although I had an active day – the usual – domestic stuff plus walking in the woods and making new trails in the snow – I came back home, sat down and felt like my life is on hold – a waiting phase: an airplane circling the field waiting for the tower to give me the OK to land.

Waiting for the house to sell and then wondering (worrying?) about finding a place to live on the island, and are the rents going to be out of reach? Waiting to hear from a publisher – will someone pick up my manuscript? Waiting for the roads to be driveable again so that I don’t have to be dependent on someone else to get me there. Waiting for things that are out of my control.

I realized too that I could get down about all this. But what would be the point of that? Every day I focus on what I can do. I write. These last couple of days I’ve been letting ideas for stories play through my head. I think I’m getting hold of quite a good one for my next story. Every day I get out. Now that’s it’s darn cold out there, and especially when the sun is in hiding, it seems so much easier to just say, “Hell with it – I’m going to stay inside.” Luckily, I’ve had enough experience with this to know that the best thing to do every day is get out for at least a couple of hours. Five minutes after starting to move, everything looks and feels better.

The other things that help is all the little stuff. It’s not much, doing laundry, vacuuming – but getting those things done at least feels like I’m accomplishing something no matter how small.


What a strange and interesting chapter this part of my life has become: unforeseen, unpredicted, unexpected – even puzzling in many ways.

Like everything else in life, it’s all here in order for me to learn – mostly about myself.

Big snowshoe tomorrow – looking forward to it so much. Getting out into the alpine in the snow is a glorious experience.

Also thrilled that Simon is doing well with his book. The big payoff hasn’t come yet – but the momentum is building. He’s getting amazing reviews – the biggest five-stars are coming from people who love fantasy fiction – and that’s a big deal. So – hurrah!

Just two writers, hunkered down in the snow, doing the best they can.

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Snow Exploration

Simon and I are fairly determined to find a way down to the lake across from our snow-bound house. So far we have unearthed several possibilities. We have one or two more to unravel. Today we tried a gully that got fairly ugly – so no go.

All that said, I doubt we’ll actually find a way – it all looks extremely cliff-like on the topo and satellite maps on my Gaia app. But the fun right now is in the trying and the dogs don’t seem to mind. They’re happily following in our snowshoe tracks and they’re getting out for at least two hours every day. Simon might have minded at one point – something about tripping over deadfall – falling into a deep hole? Something like that. (see photo)

Now – an explanation of the top photo: this is Simon showing his friends on Vancouver Island what a “real” snowed-in driveway looks like – not the sissy five inches they’re dealing with. The rest are photos from our walk today. I want to point out that there is sun in these photos. This is a good thing. It also means that it is MUCH colder than it has been. Really – MUCH.

But it’s nowhere near cold enough to stop us from getting out. A real snowshoe on Wednesday. And by that I mean getting out there for an entire day on the Seven Summits Trail!

No writing today and likely none tomorrow. I have a couple of ideas that I am molding in my head – or at least the little people that live in my brain are playing with them. I’m pretty sure something will spew out sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to Wednesday – and healing my arm. Damn – it was a tough night last night. It just ached and ached. Such a hard time sleeping.

Better tonight I hope. On top of all that I haven’t been feeling as good as I would like to. Must do something about that to. Stress, I expect – and the pain – it affects the whole body. But I’m on it. Excited to really get out there and do some work on Wednesday.

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Writing and hiking

Well – this has been an interesting day!

Of course we woke up to a ton of snow. The good news is that it has stopped snowing – until next time of course.

I wrote another story. This one is a bit derivative of some earlier work I did and also a bit experimental. I’ll edit it later today and see what I think. If it’s not quite there yet, I suspect it has possibilities – and it also appears to be asking for a sequel. Things to think about.

I submitted one of my stories to a magazine. – What I’m saying here is that it’s been a reasonably productive day.

And then Simon and I took the dogs across the street, hiked up to the highest point and decided to explore a route down to the lake. First – it’s a very long way down. (which bodes well for having a nice elevation gain for the hike back up!) Next – there appear to be two ways to get there. Simon’s preferred route (and probably the best one) is a gully that probably joins up with Alwyn Creek and leads down to the water. My hunch is to keep going down at an angle the way we started, and angle along the cliff whenever we hit one until there’s another opening to go down.

We’ll explore more very soon – possibly even tomorrow. It’s kind of fun to see what’s what over there and to find and create routes.

I also ran into an unexpected online conversation about assault rifles and the Florida shooting. My ex in Oregon and his daughter are heavily on the side of “it’s not guns – it’s mental health issues as well as an entire devolution of the safety net etc.” Yes – this is true. The root of the problem is far deeper – but until that problem is fixed, why not have background checks and why not get ride of the assault rifles? He also suggested that I had no business having an opinion on what happens in the USA.

I begged to differ. Especially given that the USA seems to have opinions on what goes on in other countries. At any rate – that’s a very brief gist of the back and forth. I think my biggest “thing” about all this is the endless talk about “it’s not guns – it’s people” – a meme that has been so thoroughly promulgated by the NRA and Republicans who have been bought by the NRA that too many people now believe it.

How many more children have to die?

I salute the kids in Florida who are saying “no more” and who are starting a campaign for a walkout on March 20 until these gun laws are fixed.

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Book signing

Simon’s book signing today in Nelson: lovely to see people come in, talk about the book, buy copies, etc. For me – lovely to spend time in a book store. What better place? Especially since a snow storm moved in and it was – well – a snow storm. What more is there to say?

Bonus for me: sold my GPS today and my skis. boots, poles – so lots of nice cash.

Better: got hugs from Cathy and Nancy and had lunch with my niece. Great day all around. But, oh my gosh – I do find days like this exhausting. I can hardly keep my eyes open. It’s the “not being constructively busy” thing. I’m not sure how it works, but mentally, I am drained.

I believe I sense an early night coming on – either that of a nap that is going to dissolve into night.

Tomorrow: writing, walking, baking.

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Snow Day (again – or is it “still?”)

Here’s a random picture of snow. I have a lot to choose from. Just close my eyes and pick. Yep – tons of shots of snow.

Simon is out snow blowing for the second time today. I have been out for the first time – taking the dogs on a back 4 stroll, Of course, I haven’t been able to shovel (one-armed shovelling? I don’t think so!) so I waded through snow that got over the tops of my boots – oh well.

I got a hair cut, cleaned, did laundry, and spent the great majority of the day writing – completed my long short story. I have no idea if it’s any good. But it is what it is – filed away until some time in the future when I can revisit it.

Tomorrow, we are off to Nelson! Simon has his book signing! Yay! And I am hopeful I will have lunch with my niece who lives there – and I am selling my Garmin GPS!

Also putting my skis up for sale.


I may or may not continue skiing. But if I do, it will be with a different set of skis.

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White Queen

Expect very few words in this post – and lots and lots of photos. It was that kind of day: a perfect day for a snowshoe to the top of White Queen. We walked in a winter wonderland. I know – I took (count ’em) 84 photos! Mind you, I didn’t keep all of them. I actually tossed three! Yeah – drastic editing.

I was a bit slower than I like to be – hiking with one arm does slow you down a bit. I know – I’ve done this before.

But what a day! Good company and perfect conditions! We found an idyllic place for lunch, sheltered from the wind, in full sun – and, as luck would have it, the sun disappeared the minute we were done.

Feeling wonderful after a hot bath. Arm is healing. Life is good.

See? Life is simple. You want a happy me? Get my sorry butt out there where the mountains are gorgeous and make me work my ass off. Surely that’s not a big demand. Oh – a million dollars would be nice too – but actually not necessary.

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Yet Another Plan B

I admit that today was a disappointing Plan B. It’s not that we didn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not as though it wasn’t a good day. But we had to miss the club snowshoe trip up White Queen that I was so much looking forward to because some of my favourite people were on it – all the crazies – and of course it was going to be a hoot.

Alas – it snowed about a foot overnight and because we had to leave the house at 6.30 a.m. it would have been impossible for us to manage – get the driveway cleared in time? Not a chance. And the roads at that hour of the morning were not safe.

So – Plan B. We spent the morning writing and the afternoon snowshoeing and exploring new areas of the property across the way. The puppies were pleased about this change of plan.

On another note altogether, the publisher I submitted to yesterday already contacted me with a few questions – which I answered.

I have a good feeling about this.

Fingers and toes crossed.

And tomorrow – White Queen! It’s going to be a beautiful day!

Oh – and my arm is healing with astonishing rapidity! A few more days and I expect to be fully healed!

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