White Queen – again!?!?

After a couple of days of no Internet and catching up after a day at Whitewater, this is going to be a short post.

On the other hand, why do I need a lot of words? The photos tell the story quite nicely. Simon and I snowshoed up White Queen and it was, as always wonderful!

No matter what the weather, this is a place of immense beauty/

But what made this day special was sharing it with my sweetie – and being silly and laughing a lot.

It was, in a word, a beautiful day.

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Silver Bump Snowshoe

Today Sheila, Nicky, Ann and I headed up Silver Bump. It was a pretty fine choice of a local snowshoe destination. This place is always pretty – even more so in the winter.

The only real excitement of the day occurred before we even started our shoe. We were close to Sheila’s place to pick her up when I said, “Akkk! I forgot my keys!”

This would have been no big deal if Simon was planning on spending the day at home – he was not. He was snowblowing and then off to Nelson. I called and left a message – my only option, if he didn’t pick up the message was to try breaking in from a ladder on an upper floor. Not a good plan. Not with our high security.

Sheila said I could spend the afternoon at her place.

Better plan.

Sheila called and left a message. Nicky called and left a message. I called and left another message.

And then – yay! Simon checked messages before he left. Whew!

I got home and managed to get inside.

As for our snowshoe, the pics should tell the story quite nicely. And there I was, lolling in  a post-hike bubble bath when Simon got home!

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Time to Write


This is a fun photo – if you look you can see two tiny people – that’s Peter Berkey and I heading up to the Whitewater Canyon col earlier this year. That was a slog. With ice axe. But so satisfying. Thanks to Sheila for the photo.

At any rate, I started prepping for a few writing projects today. The first notes are down and ideas are floating in my head. I expect to get started soon. After all, I can’t hike as a full-time job.

Or can I?


Okay – no. I like my ideas. I’m looking forward to getting started.

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I love this photo Reneta took on Wolf Peak the other day – Ben and I about to go over the edge – wheeee. Let the fun begin!

But seriously, on to other subjects. Simon and I find ourselves with decisions to be made and boy, are they ever hard.

When making choices, it’s ideal that everyone wins. I like to play that kind of game: win/win/win. The tough one here is – how do we make a decision where we both win?

The choices will come after we sell this house. Where do we go next? What do we do next? Somehow, I want to find a way (and I think Simon feels the same) where we both end up happy. Right now we’re faced with: I love the West Coast and Simon loves the Kootenays (or Nova Scotia). Also – Simon wants to own and I’m happy to rent if it means I have enough left over in a little pot that I can use for travel once a year.

What to do?

Does it keep us up at night?

You bet.

Somewhere there is a solution. Just can’t see it yet.

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Mount Crowe – a Different Route

We took a rather different approach to Mount Crowe today. First, let me say it was sunny – which was, of course, simply awesome! And so very warm – no jacket for most of the day. Bonus!

I loved the route up past the Mosquito Cabin. The views were lovely, the group was wonderful. In other words – it was perfect.

And then we went Ben’s “new” way down. How can I put this? There were thrills, chills and plenty of spills. No one knew exactly where they were going – but we did get down – in one piece, I may add. However, did I mention spills? Did I say that a couple of people got stuck in tree wells? Did I mention the 30-plus degree slopes without powder? Slipping and sliding. Yep – that was us.

My opinion? Nice to know which slope on Mount Crowe not to go down again.

The day? Perfect, of course.

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“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” – Janis Joplin

I was reminded of the song today on my town walk with Abby. At 2.30 in the afternoon, it was dark – the sky purple/blue, the clouds almost touching the lake. There was no one out. The streets quiet and empty. No dogs, no people, no cars. Just Abby and me. We walked through the town park by the lake, footsteps crunching in the hard, crusty snow. The canoes sleeping, huddled under inadequate blankets of ice and snow.

And then, back in the car – turn on the radio – soulful country music – the kind that talks about whiskey being your best friend. The kind that talks about forgetting the world and drifting into some other place where no one can reach you.

And I thought, “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.”

Driving home, a drift of melancholy settled over me, not the kind that is sad and not the kind you even want to shake off. It was the sort of heavy dolour that rocks you like a cradle, the kind you want to sink into – and float and float and float away.

In keeping with the mood of the landscape and the emptiness of the day.

I was reminded of me at 18 years old, a quarter and a bus ticket in my pocket, all my possessions in a small bag, standing on the side of the 401, thumb out. I had nothing. I had nothing to lose and nowhere to go but whatever direction the next car would take me.

There was a freedom in that.

In not being owned by anything at all.

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Wolf Peak – Sort of

Today we headed off to Kootenay Pass to go up Wolf Peak. It was a glorious day and one of the prettiest places I’ve been to yet! I made a promise to myself – lots more exploring to do here. Lots.

That said, we have no idea where we went – which might be why we need to explore here a lot more.

We were aiming for Wolf Peak but, of course, followed a ski track up. So much easier than breaking trail. Besides the track went in exactly the right direction. Near the top (of something) the trail split. We took the one that appeared to go higher. And then – there we were on the top – of something – with views to die for.

Max checked his GPS and told us we were actually almost 100 metres higher than Wolf Peak – which was somewhere nearby.

Hey – it was 12.30 and lunch time and we were in a place so sunny and warm we actually de-layered and Max took of his shirt to soak up the rays.

A perfect day – and now we have lots of reasons to go back. There’s Wolf Peak to summit and a high ridge to explore.


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