Cloudy Sunday

Lying back today. Not doing much of anything. I still can’t shake this thing I have. In fact, I had a coughing fit earlier today that was immensely painful. Basically, what I am saying is that this is not pleasant. Yeah – I am whining.

I decided to take Chevy for a trial ride this morning in the car. It went OK, but only after I figured out what I had to do. I started him off in the back seat. That didn’t work at all. He was on the console, paws on my back, face in front of mine and then over and into the front seat. Stress? You bet. Not a safe way to drive. By the time I got him to the park, he had settled down. He was pretty good on the leash but then back in the car, he was even worse. So I stopped in the road, got him out and put him in the hatchback. Perfect!

it seemed to work for both of us. In the more confined space he sat, looked around and then settled easily. No complaining. No whining.

So that’s what we’ll do tomorrow – head north with my stuff in the back seat and Chevy in the hatchback.

and please let this awful crud disappear.

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Oregon Coast

Today – the Oregon Coast. We got crazy lucky with the weather. Oddly, at one point there was a brief squall with hailstones of all things, but mostly just warmth and sunshine.

I hadn’t been to the coast in probably a dozen years. I love the ocean when I can walk out on the hard-packed sand and let the surf come in, almost touching my feet. I love looking out and out to where the sea and sky melt into each other and time ceases.

It would have been nice if I had been able to talk today but, alas, only just barely. At best, I am croaking pitifully. Whatever this damn thing is that I’ve got, it sure is hanging in.

Tonight, broth for dinner.

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Oregon – Mary’s Peak


After another night of coughing and sneezing and getting very little sleep, I decided to pull out the big guns for the cure: hiking.

It is, after all, the answer for eveything, right? So, Mike kindly drove me to the trailhead for Mary’s Peak, the tallest mountain in the coastal range. So up I went on the East Ridge trail: beautifully engineered, mantained, graded and signed. Almost too good really: I had to convince myself that I wasn’t in Central Park.

The elevation gain helped with that. It was foggy and crazy windy on top with, of course, not a single view. But who cared? the trees were amazing – huge noble firs and a gorgeous understory with fabulous meadows at the top, which I also didn’t see to their full extent.

The point is that the fresh air was wonderful; working my body was exactly what I needed. And then afterwards there was the joy of shopping at Trader Joe’s for tonight’s dinner, which includes champagne. Did I mention Trader Joe’s chocolate? Yeah, I got obscene amounts of it.

Fun day!

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There he is. Isn’t he beautiful?

and he really is – so much more than looks. He has a sweet, loving nature and he really wants to please. Definitively a Velcro dog. The people who are adopting him are getting a real gem. And he’s young – about 9 months old is the vet’s estimate. I’d guess that’s about right because he’s still a bit small and light. Skinny even. But he’s so smart and so eager to learn.

Yup. Mike is not going to have an easy time saying good-bye to this gorgeous boy.

So – the drive down today. Oh the stress of trying to find the right intermittent speed on the windshield wiper. Other than that, I just took my time, catching quick little naps along the way at rest stops. And interrupting myself with coughing fits. I am going to be so happy to be rid of this crud. And it really is cruddy. I had another fast nap when I got here but my head still feels dull and stuffy.

I feel desperate to get my energy back and to get out and work my body.

Remebering to be kind to myself and easy on my self. And I do feel pretty darn blessed. I asked for ease on the drive down and I got just that. Huge gratitude.

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And this is the lovely bed where I shall be sleeping tonight.

thoughts: I miss Abby and wish she were here with me. I’m sure she’s having a lovely time at Sharlene’s house with the other dog and the horses and people who love dogs. But I miss her and I know she misses me.

Glad to be here. I seriously, totally love Kathleen’s company. She’s smart and real and open and honest and damn interesting. And on top of all that I really, really like her.

Eager to get an early start tomorrow, get across the border at about 8 and then drive easy all the way down. Take lots of breaks. Be safe. Take a nap. Whatever. Looking forward to a very different experience this time: ease, relaxation, slowness – time just to be.

My biggest issue now that I am beginning to feel better is getting my body moving. I have to do something in the next few days. My guess is that I can manage to make that happen, even if it means getting soaking wet.

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Plan B

Today’s Plan A: get on the mid-morning ferry, stay at Kathleen’s, take a walk, have dinner and head down to Oregon the next day.

The kibosh on the plan was a long (two hours?) coughing fit in the middle of the night, followed by sneezing and then profuse sweating and feeling bloody awful.

I think it was during the coughing fit that I said to myself, “Yeah – no – you are not driving anywhere tomorrow.”

And so I did not. Today is clammy, damp, drizzly, chilly (the weather – not me). I got a slow start and finally made it to Costco for dog food and then to Thrifty Foods because I had been planning on leaving and therefore had not a thing to eat in the house.

I feel better this afternoon. My throat is actually clearing up and for the first time in a week, it’s been a one-hanky day so far. This is big progress.

Maybe I can travel tomorrow.

I am putting the thought under advisement but it also involves dog rescue plans. Pieces of a puzzle have to fall into place.

We shall see.

Most importantly, I have to have a decent night tonight. I have a feeling though that I have turned a corner.

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Very slow recovery

I managed to get out a couple of times with Abby today to capture some of the fall colours.

But I have to say – I still feel like absolute crap. And it has been almost a week. On the rare occasions when I do get a cold, it just never hangs on this long. I’m doing my best to be kind and gentle with myself, rather than impatient and exasperated. Surprisingly, I’m doing pretty good so far. I’ve been sleeping a lot. My afternoon naps are an hour or more and I’m sleeping 9 or 10 hours a night. Whew!

I trust my body to know what it needs.

So – I have to pack and get all my and Abby’s gear ready for Vancouver tomorrow and then a road trip to Oregon. And I want to get that done early enough so that I can relax the rest of the evening.

I do need rest but I also notice that as soon as I am outside, my body feels better. Inside, I am sniffling and sneezing and coughing non-stop. Outside, it all clears up. So – dividing my time between the two and trusting I am well on the mend.

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