White Rock

Thanks to Lee for this lovely place to stay today.

Abby and I arrived at about 1 pm, and after a nice nap, we drove to the Urban Forest and walked a big loop trail. Also found a place to buy orchids – and they are so beautiful. It occurs to me that I truly adore orchids and should have half a dozen plants in my house.

And why do I not?

I don’t hesitate to buy them for someone else. But for me?

I wonder how many of us don’t buy ourselves presents.

And I love gifting people I care about.

Of course, I have to remember that I do buy socks, sooooooo…..

The fun begins soon. By “fun” I mean trying to find my way from here to somewhere in Burnaby.

Giving myself extra time just in case…..

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So that’s it – I ticked off everything on my list for today. Abby watched me pack with a certain amount of apprehension. But now that I’m chilling, she has also relaxed. I’m pretty sure she was pleased when she saw me pack a bag for her too and stuff it with her blanket and her bunny.

So it’s been a busy day, but hey – it’s about the list, right? I ticked off all the items!

Yeah – I am soooo OCD. May as well admit it. But in a good way, right? (There is a good way, isn’t there?)

So I catch a ferry tomorrow and the adventure begins. I shall report….

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Misty Maple Mountain

Now, that was a pretty wonderful day! It did not rain on me! Well, except for just now while I picked a huge bowl of raspberries – but not once during my hike!

Yes it was misty – I hiked into a cloud. But on the way down the sun kind of, sort of almost came out – there was a shadow or two at some point.

The point being, it was a super day – just me and my thoughts and occasionally (excitingly) no thoughts.

Today, I woke up and my first thought was, “Today I choose the light.”

Pretty darn happy all day.

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Whew – that makes a change after a few years of no work.

And oddly enough, it seemed that everything was conspiring to stop me from doing it. I was about to set off for Germana’s house – tested my recorder first (smart!) and discovered it had stopped working. Just. Like. That.

Right – I called and left a message – will be a few minutes late. Went to London Drugs. No more analog recorders – it’s a digital world – and man, they’re expensive. But the good lady who has been serving me forever said, “Do you have a smart phone?”


“So use that recorder.”


And in two minutes or less she showed me how it works. Right. I drove to Germana’s house. Couldn’t find it. The address does not exist. I call her. Ah – I wrote it down wrong (duh!)

I arrived five minutes late. Not bad.

We sat down, I turned the recorder on my iPhone on and hoped for the best. We did one hour as promised. I drove home, had lunch and a nap (of course a nap) and then sat down in front of my computer.

My iPhone had recorded perfectly. I started typing from that and my copious notes. Half an hour later the power went out. I sat for another half hour. Nope. No power.

I took Abby for a walk in the downpour.

We came back. Hurrah! The power is back on.

And I wrote and wrote and wrote.

And I just finished.

Well then. I now feel like I am back in the groove. Yes, it did take me a while to figure out how to transfer my voice file to to my computer but I did it!


Ah technology. Love/hate relationship. But mostly love.

Yup – today I decided to choose abundance. And I got an abundance of challenges. Must be more specific next time.

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A solo hike up Mount Benson today – lots of time to be at peace and to let my mind wander in thought.

As it turned out, my thoughts pretty well got stuck on the concept of choice. Not too long ago, I posted something about “Today I choose joy.” Yes – I said that joy is a choice.

I believe that to be true. But that isn’t the only choice I get to make every day. I get to choose how I experience my life. I get to choose so many things. I was always struck by what one of my best friends said once about her marriage. Every day, she said, she woke up beside her wife with the mantra, “I choose you.”

Every day – to choose the same person. That is commitment. And I believe it’s at least one of the secrets, if not the ultimate secret, to a successful relationship. Every day, in present time, we recommit to that person. We choose them. No matter if they have bad breath or they’re grumpy or they snored all night – we choose. them.

My friend, Julie and I were discussing something similar on our walk yesterday. The idea that there are almost 8 billion people in this world. Out of that number, there are, at the very least, about a million or so that I could love and live with. I do not believe in the “one soul mate for me” idea. I believe we are all one and we are joined anyway – we are all soul mates because we are, at heart, all beautiful souls.

But back to what I was saying. – so what do I do if there are a million potential mates? Vet them all? Try to meet them all? Post on every dating site? Give it a shot? Or do I  find someone who I love and then choose them.

And commit to being with that one person.

So – in the end – here’s is what I am striving for: to choose joy. To choose love. To choose kindness. To choose to be responsible for the experience of my life. to choose honesty. To choose vulnerability. To choose learning and growth. To choose courage. To choose one person and to make that choice every day.

And how good and perfect am I at all this? Well, today I had a rip-roaring fight with Gary when I got home. He’s been picking my raspberries. I said, “Please stop.” He said he would not because they are not mine. Yes, I planted them and I looked after them but the cuttings are originally from his berries 20 years ago so they are his and he’s going to pick them. So I yelled at him and he yelled back.

Whew! I am so bad at confrontation. I mean, I didn’t back down but nothing is resolved and I feel terribly unenlightened.

Not kind. Not full of love.

Yeah, I know, I have work to do.

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Dog Day

Abby is the cleanest she has ever been. Likely also the cleanest she will ever be. And no, I do not expect it to last long.

I took her to the Dog “N Suds U-Wash and scrubbed her several times with a ton of shampoo. She didn’t seem to mind at all. The water was nice and warm and I had a no-slip mat on the floor. The only thing she said no to was the blow dryer so I just toweled her.

And she got nice treats when she was done. Then I took it all one step farther and washed the covers on her beds as well as her car blanket and towels.

We are talking clean.

And then, for another reward, she got a long walk in Hemer Park with Ocean (her best friend). So really – not too shabby a day – oh yes – and a marrow bone when she got home.

The things I will do to make sure she forgives me for the bath.

And that was pretty well the day. Lazy. Uneventful. Quiet. I’m good with that.

Things are about to get a whole lot busier: hiking up Mount Benson tomorrow. Working (!) on Thursday; hiking on Friday; and getting ready for my trip on Saturday.

Checking in with myself: feelings. Excited. Nervous. Happy. Brave. Confident.

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Today I said “yes” to a writing project. The work begins this week.

I thought about it. I met Germana. Her story, I believe, aligns with my purpose – to inspire. We both want to inspire. I have a good feeling that we will make an excellent team.

We begin soon.

It feels right.

Today I began the business of preparing for a road trip south of the border. Abby got her Rabies booster. The lovely vet examined her and gave me nothing but good news (which has me doing a big happy dance.) – Abby is right on her weight and she’s in excellent physical shape, especially considering her age.

I am so happy about that. All I need to do is keep doing what I’m doing: exercise, nutrition and love.

Tomorrow, however, she will probably not feel quite so loved because I am taking her to Dog ‘N Suds for a totally thorough bath. It’s time. No – I take that back – it’s way past time.

I’ve been brushing her daily and she hardly sheds now but a bath – yeah – that will be so good. And then I’ll wash all her towels and bedding so she will be sparkling clean. Until she rolls in the field where the horses pee and poop. In other words, she’ll be clean for maybe a couple of hours (if I’m lucky).

Life is good. I’m feeling excited about a lot of things.

I’ll work it all off on Wednesday – a nice steep uphill to the top of Mount Benson.

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