Saddle Mountain

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Too Busy?

Honestly – when I’m not hiking these days, I feel like I am playing catchup – constantly. There’s just so damn much to do!

For instance – today: I created a new strawberry bed and planted the young ones I’ve been nursing along. Then I sowed spinach, lettuce and radishes in the potato patch I cleared yesterday. Then all the watering and tons of weeding and more harvesting.

And grocery shopping and recycling and a dozen small domestic chores include baking hiking cookies – whew.


I love it. I love this life.

But still – whew!

I also love how our relationship here is growing and changing and evolving. Simon and I have our bumps – but every day I see those as the little things couples go through. Nothing major. We have love. We deal with what comes up. We grow stronger.

Life is good.

And tomorrow, I am hiking!

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Holy heck! That was a busy day! And I still have miles and piles of gardening to do (tomorrow!)

Simon is building a water system – we dashed off to Nelson for supplies – laundered, cleaned, gardened – and did I mention that Simon is building a water system?


It’s 7 p.m. – I have to start dinner. Yes, that’s how busy we’ve been – haven’t even started dinner. Given I harvested our main crop of potatoes today, guess what we’re having?

Yeah – potatoes and very little else. But I’ll be creative with them. Latkes, I’m thinking, laced with herbs.

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Secret Ridge

Today was an idyllic, gorgeous, lovely hiking day with my Sweetie and Jean. There is an unspoken rule in this area, never to speak the name of this location. There is far to much “advertising” of hikes lately – trailheads are overcrowded. This is great if we’re talking about respectful, enthusiastic hikers, but too often people are just looking for selfies and they are dissing the environment.

So this beautiful, hard-to-access place, shall remain a whisper.

We did the full ridge walk, coming down the steep off-piste side.

Loved every minute of it.

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Blueberries and more

Okay – We have almost 25 pounds of blueberries now. I figure Corky’s patch is good for one more big picking. Yay!

It’s the season of abundance. I’ve picked our raspberries and the wild thimbleberries. Dinner is bread (currently baking and making the whole house smell fabulous) and a huge salad with lettuce – still from the garden in August! Tremendous. I’ve picked nasturtium flowers, chives, oregano, summer savoury, basil, and dill – all for the salad. And, of course, more radishes: all those successive sowings are paying off.

Meanwhile, our winter crops are sprouting and growing.

And of course, other than picking berries, I’ve been weeding. What else?

Simon is being the genius that he is: taking weird-looking gadgets that he strews all over the table and creating a water system that by-passes the house and goes straight to the lower garden, which is growing exponentially.

Yeah – he’s brilliant. He tells me what he’s doing and how things work and I listen and look and actually absorb one or two things and then I’m utterly lost. He has the mind of a philosopher/engineer.

Me? I have the mind of an Elvanian princess. Therefore, it’s a jolly good thing that my partner for life is a sherpa with a brilliant mind.

Tomorrow – hiking!

Speaking of hiking, I began a discussion with a few of the KMC executive about how we publicize our trails. I am of the mind that our job is not to let the world know about our hikes (there are books they can buy and read and other sites as well). Our job is to be stewards of the land. Our job is to serve and educate our club members. Our job is to leave no trace, and preserve our beloved wilderness.

The conversation is ongoing and interesting.

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Working Day

Simon and I worked today – a big garden: tons of weeding, mulching, cleaning up.

And that’s what I did all day – what we both did all day.

I am amazed that Simon does this every day of the week – no wonder he comes home exhausted and too tired to do anything else.

I am totally done.

All I want now is a hot shower and a glass of wine.

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Plan B (again)

A change in the weather – a change in plans.

I drove to Corky’s farm today to pick blueberries – thinking it might be okay to do that in the rain. Well no – not such a good idea.

Instead, I went home and cleaned and did laundry and worked all afternoon in the garden once it had cleared up.

Thrilled about the rain. Perfectly okay with blueberries on the weekend. Just a change in plans – I have found that it’s best to be flexible that way.

I started a discussion today with some of the executive of our hiking club about publicizing our hiking trails. The traffic is getting pretty bad.

My opinion? Less publicity. The feedback so far: people are going to find the trails anyway and maybe that’s okay because they’ll fall in love with the outdoors and become stewards. I wish that were true. In my experience, more crowds equals trashing of the landscape.

The discussion continues.

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Whitewater Canyon

It was undoubtedly one of the finest days I’ve spent at Whitewater Canyon. Everything conspired to make the day perfect: good people, amazing weather and scenery – well – why even talk about it – the photos should do the talking.

As my Sweetie likes to say, today I got my fix. Such an addiction! And I’m okay with that!

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I admit that I’m a bit of a recluse (cleverly disguised as a social butterfly) – but I do love my friends. I am blessed a thousand times over with good, lifetime friends – people who are simply amazing.

Today I went out for a morning ramble with two new friends – or, more accurately, people I believe are becoming friends.

It was a slow amble up and down the trails of Bannock Point – and we talked and relaxed and had fun and laughed and made a date for a second outing.


And then – out in the garden in the hot sun, doing what is necessary. So the weeding that HAS to be done – and mostly watering and harvesting.

I love the way this garden looks. It’s both productive and beautiful. Flowers everywhere – food everywhere. It is an evolving, living thing, nurtured by Simon and me – loved by us – and it’s thriving. Today’s harvest includes potatoes, peas, herbs, broccoli and garlic scapes. The only food I bought at the grocery store this week is mushrooms.

Tomorrow – Whitewater Canyon with an early morning start.


And contemplating Cathedral Lakes – or maybe another overnight with Simon at Motherlode Lakes.

Soooo exciting.

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Catch-up Day

It’s a fact that when the weather is this hot (and dry), then the day after hiking is all about the garden. Well, today it was also about 4 loads of laundry. And now it’s not just about weeding and (mostly) watering – -it’s also about harvesting.

And here’s my dilemma: harvesting and doing something with the harvest almsot always involves turning on the stove or oven and it’s too damn hot to do that.

I am just now recovering from blanching peas.

Simon is thinking about making carrot soup. The last thing in the world I want to do is make soup. Or a stew or a casserole.

My current theory is freeze everything as is and cook it in the winter when I’ll welcome the heat.

We’ll see how that theory holds up.

But for now, we have frozen peas and berries and tons of lettuce for making a salad for dinner. Yup – that’s my kind of dinner these days: salad.

Am walking with Andrea tomorrow. Will wrestle her to the ground to extract her guacamole recipe. I could live on her guacamole. Seriously! No hyperbole! If she packaged it up and sold it, she’d be a millionaire.

Am anticipating it already.

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