Yeah – I’m like one of the dwarfs today – namely, “Grumpy.”

The obvious reason for this is lack of water. But really, let’s be honest – this is not a hardship. We have lots in various jugs and stuff and I can heat it and I’ve been washing myself properly and cleaning dishes so it’s not like OMG – no water!

I think there are a number of things this is triggering – first there’s the expectation of “Oh – it will all be fine by tonight. Or tomorrow. Or…..

And it isn’t and everything that can go wrong does. You know – the usual Murphy’s Law. And I should be used to it but damn, I’m still not.

Simon is doing massive work and I know he’s going to sort it out and we’ll have a better system that ever etc. etc.

But what is happening is that I’m mad at this place – this entire region of the world. It kind of triggers that whole “I don’t want to be here!” crap.

And I know it’s crap and I’m being a princess and etc. etc. But here’s the thing – I refuse to feel guilty about my behaviour or ashamed. I’m figuring out my feelings etc. in my own fashion.

Tomorrow I am off to Whitewater to snowshoe.


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Mount Lepsoe – Hard Core

Okay, Ben and I have officially taken extreme snowshoeing to a new level. And I’m not exactly saying this is a good thing.

But hey!

Simple little shoe – just Mount Lepsoe. No big deal. Besides, KMC members had laid in a nice track – they did the trip the day before.

We set off in rather chilly conditions with a surprisingly strong wind – but we were in the trees soon enough so all was good. When we got to the turnoff for Lepsoe Cabin the tracks stopped.

Oh well – we started breaking trail. The snow was deep. It was heavy. In many places it was crusty. We forged on and up. Ben had the idea that instead of going around the shoulder of Lepsoe, we could simply ascend straight up the west ridge. Well – why not?

The answer to that was wind – holy heck. We estimated minus 30 with the wind chill. That also meant that the wind had blown the snow into hard ridges – and us breaking trail. Whew! We rotated frequently.

The wind blew. We forged on. One gust high on the ridge blew me off my feet – in the right direction, meaning not into the abyss but into a tree. Nice.

Ben mentioned we could turn back. Hell no, I said, grabbing my buff and pulling it up over my face (my face hurt!) Better, except now I couldn’t breathe and oddly enough, I discovered that you need to breathe when you’re struggling uphill.

We continued. And, surprise! We made it to the top. Bigger surprise: no wind at the top! Awesome! It had taken us 3 hours and 15 minutes. We stomped out a circle, put on our warmest gear and hunkered down for lunch. It was a quick lunch – very quick. And then – off to the north ridge. This is the steep ridge. In other words, this is the fun way to go down. Fun and fast – and – um – really windy again.

We zoomed down, hit Sunspot Cabin and then galumphed unceremoniously down the Old Growth trail to the car park – where we ran into Rick who had been up our way for a short bit and had found and picked up the snowshoe tail Ben had lost!


However, no one found the sunglasses Ben had lost.

Well there were bound to be casualties.

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After the Snowfall

Yes – sunshine after the snow. It’s good that we have Walter’s 60ish acres across the street and then all that crown land behind it. I snowshoed for 2.5 hours this morning – slow because breaking trail was interesting: gorgeous fluffy snow but so very deep. It’s not the kind of surface your snowshoes can rest on. You sink – pretty darn deep.

But who cares – I had sun and took lots of photos.

Waiting and waiting and waiting for water.

Fingers and stinky toes crossed.

Tomorrow Ben and I – and hopefully, the sistahs, are heading to Mount Lepsoe. There was no chance of joining the KMC trip today – but that’s good. They will make a track for us. Ha!

However, we will blaze a new track on the way down the steep north side. Extreme snowshoeing at its best.

I reallllly don’t like dirt and disorder. Think that I’ll tackle the dishes even though I was going to hold off – just can’t let it go….

Poor Simon was awake most of the night. I tossed and turned pretty energetically too.

So it’s an afternoon of rest.,

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Snow Day


And more snow.

Simon snowblowed (snowblew?) the driveway this morning. I don’t even want to think how deep it is now. Deep enough you’d never guess he did a darn thing. In all of this, fighting with the water system.

Yeah – not much fun for him.

Not much fun for either of us.

There will be no KMC trip to Lepsoe tomorrow. I don’t see any way of getting anywhere. Not tomorrow.

And tempers are short and I don’t react well to anger. So today I am unhappy, on the verge of tears and wanting to run very far away. I hate the vulnerability of putting that in writing. But there it is – it’s my blog and I want to be me as best I can here.

Yes, I do censor myself, probably more often than I would like to. But in the end, I endeavour to be genuine.

And with that said, it’s almost time to feed the dogs. And maybe a glass of wine.

I sometimes wish that I was stronger, tougher, more courageous. At the same time, I am who I am – and I’m feeling pretty protective of that “me” right now.

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Mechanical Issues

Once again, our hike to Crow Mountain is cancelled. We had mechanical issues. Simon has been working on them all day.

It’s a shame because it may be damn cold today but the sun has been shining in a blue sky and the trek would have been lovely. Instead, I joined Ann and Sheila for a quick snowshoe to the top of Payne Bluffs.

And that’s about it.

I’ve been feeling anxious all day – except for the going uphill part. That’s once excellent side effect of huffing and puffing – you pretty much have to focus on what you’re doing rather than think about your life.

So this is an anxiety day.

Tomorrow will bring what it will.

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The Wolf Revisited

We went with plan F or possibly Z today.

And it was a fabulous day. The sistahs joined us and off we went to go up what I am calling Wolf Ridge. That said, there was a skin track that we followed for a while – and then as we entered the trees and the uphill, the track began a sidehill we didn’t like. Ben opted to break trail, which meant trail breaking the entire rest of the way – but the way to where?

When we left the trees, we could see that the saddle (our original destination) was past a steep avi slope. Hmmm, I thought – maybe not the best bet. Peter, Ben and I conferred and voted for Peter (on skis) to plow ahead to the right toward another draw that looked promising.

And then we had another choice of two draws. Which one? How about the right-hand one?

We did some steep side-hilling. And when I say steep, I actually mean mostly vertical.

At the end of that run, Ben looked around the edge. Seems we bluffed out. Going straight up was out of the question and when Peter noticed a crack line in the snow that didn’t look all too promising, we opted to find a sunny south-facing slope to break out lunch, revel in the fabulous view, and plot our way down.

Lisa and Karleigh discovered what we mean by extreme snowshoeing, which involved a certain amount of bum sliding. And Ben, who opted, as usual, to jump off the cliff, did an impressive triple somersault. A 9.9 from the judges.

In other words – it was a very good day!

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The top photo was taken today on our dog walk at Butter – lynx tracks – pretty cool.

The other two are thanks to Peter Stent – me laboriously (and happily) breaking trail up to Cherry Street Station.

Simon and I had a long walk and a much-needed talk. About the future. Changes are coming.

We love each other. This is the bottom line and because of that, we will handle the changes well. I am confident of that.

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