The Ferry

We have now been on the ferry for slightly more than 1.5 hours. We have moved exactly 0.0 inches.

And why is that? Apparently an RV on the vehicle deck has spilled its poop. They are trying to clean it up. I don’t know if they’ve had to bring in a full Hazmat team but it’s entirely possible.

We have no ETA for leaving, and hence no clue as to our arrival.

Simon’s mother and I are doing our best: reading books and planning to track down the owners of the RV and rubbing their faces in…..

An exciting beginning to our Vancouver trip.

Beryl suggested that the entire thing might be my fault – something about being a Good Samaritan. Personally, I think it’s all her fault because we should have gone via Duke Point.

News flash! We are resuming loading!

Might arrive in Vancouver before midnight.


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Thought number one today: how lovely to see the trumpeter swans on the big pond again. And then while Abby and I were out, a monster V of Canada Geese few overhead, honking their hearts out – I stood and looked straight up – dozens and dozens: one of the largest skeins I have ever witnessed. And then that was followed by another, equally large, on the same southern flight path. And then another. And then another. The sky, for at least an hour that afternoon, rang with their song. My heart did flip-flops the entire time.

Thought number two: if I want to start true debate and controversy with a post on Facebook – one that will get a heated discussion going – all I have to do is write about grammar and punctuation. Yup. Interesting to say the least. I know that if I were to post about the end of the world, I might get one or two “likes.” But apostrophes? Watch out.

Another thought: Lots of dreaming about the future. Lots of thoughts about how nothing in this world trumps love and connection. I have a head full of ideas. I feel both excited and purposeful. Yes, I think that’s the right feeling: full of purpose.

I can only hope that life falls into place.

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A New Paradigm

It’s a new world and changing rapidly by the day. I intend to change with it. I can no longer have the same goals and dreams that I had 10 years ago – or even 1 week ago.

Thousands of scientists aren’t wrong. I feel that if I kept on living my life as I always¬† have, it would be tantamount to doing that in 1937 when people were still saying, “Nah – there won’t be another war!) Remember Chamberlain? “Peace in our time!”

Or not.

So – no more air travel. I have been incredibly fortunate to have seen much of the world. I have fulfilled many travel dreams. I have hiked in the Alps so many times. I’ve done that.

I intend to turn the passion I have for those very long walks into a new endeavour – one that is different but, I hope, equally exciting and challenging and with, I believe, even greater rewards.

That’s how it feels now.

And it excites me.

Talking to Simon today – I haven’t laughed that joyously or happily in a long time. No one has ever made me laugh as much as him – in fact, that out-of-control laughing has led to more than one awkward situation. ‘Nuff said about that.

I love the way I am feeling right now at this very moment.

Love washing over and through me.

Sappy? Yup. And I don’t care.

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Work and Life and Love

I admit it – writing a dozen or so pages in one day (whew!) is mentally pretty exhausting.

Given I don’t do it often, I have nothing to complain about. In fact, I’m happy to be perfectly clear that I believe this is shaping up well. I’m glad I’m working on this. Germana is a dream.

So I’ve been confined to the house other than a couple of brief back 40 walks with Abby – and that’s just as well. Today was a dark, dark day, heavy with clouds and fog and mist.

But my heart has been at peace.

I’m not going to say a lot. Just that Simon and I talked for a long time last night. And my heart is overflowing with love.

That is all.

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Another day on Maple Mountain

I took Abby with me today. I’ve been leaving her behind on longer hikes but she did so well on the last trek, I decided to take the chance – almost 5.5 hours on Maple Mountain. She limped the last 30 minutes or so. But here she is, snoozing on her bed, content. And her tale was wagging the entire time. And she adored getting half my PB&B sandwich.

She’s my hiking dog and she was so proud of that today. She was glowing. This is her job. I’ll keep on taking her as much as I can. I’ll monitor her carefully but as long as she’s not limping tomorrow, I’ll keep taking her when she wants to come. And when I get the backpack out, boy yes – she wants to come.

Love that goofy dog to pieces.

The day was misty – and I love that. I love taking photos on misty days, especially when I am alone on the mountain – it all becomes so mystical. And walking along, my mind wanders.

I see-sawed today between wonder and aching in my heart.

Mostly wonder.

And love.

I love.

Just that.

On the drive home I listened to this:


And now – deep breathing.

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First – thank-you to Val for the photo from yesterday’s beautiful hike.

Second – so funny being in Costco today – standing in line at the checkout and seeing snow outside – and everyone semi-panicking: “OMG – snow!”

Me: (you think that’s snow? Let me tell you…)

Other than that – my day: cleaning, laundry, walking with Abby, dealing with my heart.

My heart: up, down, aching, peaceful, crying, determined – and mostly in places where words don’t mean a thing.

I am feelings and I honour them. I have made mistakes – and I forgive myself. I have fears and I live with them. I take deep breaths.

Tomorrow, I will take Abby up Maple Mountain. I think she can do it. I can always turn back if it becomes too much for her. But she was so happy yesterday to be out for so long, and she always wants to come – I am going to give it a go.

Alone – just Abby and I and the Mother and the Spirit.

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Benson area ramble

It was a stroke of amazing good fortune to meet with Val last night at the Extinction Rebellion protest at Woodgrove Mall. (which was successful and energetic and which drew tons of attention – even Santa got into our groove!).

Val is one of the loveliest people I met in the Kootenays and now she is temporarily here. So today we met up at the Mount Benson parking lot and hiked for 4.5 hours. And Abby came – and she did that whole time, climbing up and down much steeper than I had anticipated. And she loved it. Well – she loved sitting down on the top Westwood Ridge and eating half my PB&B sandwich. And part of Val’s apple!

At any rate, hiking with Val was wonderful because it was exploratory – up and down all the trails I wanted to mentally map and it turned out perfect. Got them all in my mental GPS. We went up Benson almost to Cougar Bluffs, then down and across the ridges – all the ridges and then back down and across to our starting point.

Val loves rambling. She loves taking tons of photos. Best of all, she hikes for the same reasons I do – it feels good but chiefly, she is awed by the beauty of nature. We were floored by all the exact same things and I’m pretty sure our photos are perfect duplicates of each other.

So it all added up to a splendid day.

And the best part of today? Love. Not only being able to love Simon from my heart and soul – but knowing it is received.

I feel blessed.

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