Mountain Day

Great news! I feel about  90 percent well! this is good news because tomorrow morning we are off to do White Queen. I am excited about going up a mountain and not keeling over with nausea!

Today was also pretty awesome. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Abby and I went across the street this morning for a couple of hours, going up and down the ridges. Beautiful!

Then Simon came home early from work and we took the dogs to Bannock Point. So gorgeous.

Life feels pretty fine right now.

A salad tonight. A day in the mountains tomorrow with the best of friends. And my Love – my life partner – sitting across from me at the kitchen table. That is all I need to be living the life.

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So, I’m calling what I’m doing today “vegging.” In actual fact, I think I am in healing mode.

I have spent most of the day on the couch. And pay attention to how decadent this has been. I started off there right after breakfast and after Simon had left for work. I read, finishing my book at about 11. And that’s when I finally got off my butt and took Abby for a walk.

After lunch I was back on the couch for a nap, after which I stayed there to watch a movie I downloaded. Then, I heaved myself into an upright position again to take Abby for another walk. Turns out I’m the one who did the walking. Abby was willing to do the back 4 but that was all. While I continued to do the meadow loop, she sat in front of the house, waiting for me to come back, open the door and allow her to continue baking in front of the fire.

And yes, as I write this, I am fully flopped on the couch.

Simon would be so proud of me. He has been trying to turn me into a blob for years.

My excuse is that I am getting myself in fully healthy shape to tackle White Queen on Friday.

And that’s the story I’m sticking to.

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Evening Ridge

Last night when I went to bed (at about 8 o’clock with no dinner because that’s how awful I felt) I was pretty sure I would not be snowsoeing up Evening Ridge.

But when I woke up I felt so much better I decided to go for it. I knew I would be less, shall we say, energetic than usual, but still…

And it went fairly well – for a while. We shoed up, went down through Hummingbird Pass, and then up toward Selous Ridge. Somewhere along the way we took a wrong turn and ended up on the first Evening Ridge bump. But that was fine because, as Sheila said, it got us faster into the sun because it was a cold day. The sun made up for that big time.

It was on the steep incline up that bump that I started feeling the nausea. It was almost crippling. I figured it would pass. I’d be fine.

We dropped down into the notch and then started up the last few hundred metres to the top. And that’s when I knew I was done for. I was full-on nauseous. I could barely breathe. My body started shaking.

Nicky called it for me. Cecilia said something about my face being white. I felt it – white and fragile and even worried about getting back down. And I felt bad that the others couldn’t continue to the top. Well, Ben and Cecilia did so I was grateful for that. I was even more grateful that not a single one of my beautiful friends blamed me.

And it was still a beautiful day. The sky was deep, dark blue the trees were magical. The views were outstanding. And we took the front route down plunging through gorgeous powder. And I felt fine again. As soon as the effort was out of the trek, all was well.

I suppose we must now return. We have a good reason to.

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So here we are: Simon and I together – life partners. Forever.

this means that we share just about everything. A couple of days ago, Simon decided not only to share his home, his space, his love, but also his germs.

In my opinion, this was overly generous. Still, I can’t really fault him for wanting to share all his experiences.

I have especially been amazed at the amount of sniffling one person can do. I am on my third hankie.

And also, the bonus of feeling like this: I have the best excuse on earth for doing almost nothing, for napping off and on all day, for not cooking dinner, for lolling on the couch and for groaning as much as I want.

As I said, Simon is nothing if not generous. I have not yet expressed my gratitude to him. Perhaps I will wait with that.

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Strawberry Pass

Our intention todaywas to have fun. no peaks, no ridges, no big ascents: just a fun snowshoe with the puppies. and we found a pefect place for it.

We headed off to Strawberry Pass and shoed up to Eagle’s Nest cabin, then up and across to Sunspot. it was as fine and fun and delightful a day as we could possibly have hoped for.

there was lots of talking ( guess who did most of the talking – hahaha) and lots of laughing and even a fine amount of snogging.

And then the drive home and a bubble bath and chocolate and a warm fire. I don’t have enough words to describe my gratitude. I am grateful for Simon, for his love, for the way he takes care of us, for his silliness (there’s tons of that) and, right now, i am deeply grateful for the peace I feel – the sense of being home.

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Quiet Day

Today has been “different” – for me. Simon left for work at 7 am and I have been here: car-less in the snow.

And I have not minded it at all. My only issue is my recurrent one that I have had forever: I’m not moving, running, hiking, exerting myself. Therefore I shall be out of shape and fat by tomorrow. Yes, this is a leftover from my early 30s and I am glad I’m aware of it. It doesn’t control me but it’s there. I stomp on it and get it under control. But it’s there.

So – I balanced my day between being lazy ( Facebook) and constructive  (laundry, cleaning, vacuuming, washing floors, baking bread, making soup, walking with Abby on the property) and politics, which is another way of saying Facebook.

More and more, I want to separate myself from the madding crowd – the blustering and posturing and spouting of ideologies. I have little if any hope of the world changing in time for humanity to save itself – or especially to save the innocent creatures we are victimizing.

The best I can do is live a conscious and conscientious life centred on loving my man, my family (his family) and my friends. I can focus on creating a microcosm of a world that honours nature. I can minimize my own footprint. I can love and I can live each day in gratitude for the abundance that is mine: the gift of joy, love, respect and caring.

And while I do that, the world will turn, politicians will orate and lie and wheedle and beg for votes. I will rest easy in the arms of Gaia and of the man I love. And I will feel blessed.

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Butter viewpoint

What a wonderful day! my body needs to work hard and today it did: slogging uphill, breaking trail – and then the delight of reaching this beautiful viewpoint over the mountains and Slocan Lake.

The comapny was wonderful. The sun came out. what more is there to say?

Oh yes: a hot bubble bath and now home with my Sweetie to celebrate V-day. With champagne. And possibly drunken Scrabble. My day is complete!

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