More gardening

I could probably title every post from here on “More gardening.”

And I would have done even more if the weather had been a bit more cooperative.

Today I filled the rest of the new keyhole bed with nasturtiums and mint seeds. I planted more squash in the hugel and weeded absolutely everything.

Tomorrow – more planting and weeding. I think we’ve pretty much arrived at that place where gardening means weeding. That said, as the garden progresses more toward permaculture and food forest, the weeding will be less and less. And, even now, it’s not that bad. The sheet compositing made a difference in the garlic/zucchini/tomato bed. I plan to do more of that.

All in all, it’s good.

And I’ve done some decent writing today. My creative mind has had to work – and gosh – I do love that.

Big news! I used a drill today. No – I have never used one before. Never had the need to.

Yeah – I know. Maybe I should be embarassed.

Nah – it’s just a fact. The great news is that now I know how to use one. Now – if I can figure out how to get the power pack off…

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I need a haircut.

But I promise I won’t march to the legislature in Victoria, carrying an AR-15 to protest that I can’t have one.

I’ll just tie up a few loose ends in an elastic band and wait until I can get a trim without putting people in danger.

Oh the privations we suffer! Hell it’s almost as bad as a war with bombs raining down and curfews and food rations. Right? No? Isn’t it interesting how those folks sucked it up and we weep like babies because we have to stay home and watch Netflix. Life is so harsh.

In other news, people like John Horgan and Jason Kenney (and their minions) are rubbing their hands in glee as they lift environmental restrictions, allow open pit coal mines to operate in the mountains and build pipelines like mad because the law doesn’t allow protestors to gather.

Oh – wait – yes, it’s okay to protest having to wear a mask while carrying firearms. Not okay to protest pipelines being built on indigenous lands.

That makes sense.

In other news, disaster capitalism is in full swing while billionaires get richer and richer and everyone else falls deeper into despair while they see their temporarily increased salaries clawed back because, you know, we can’t afford it.

Back home – it has been raining. I got eggplants in the ground and a few weeds pulled. Planning on a full-on gardening day tomorrow because the sun is supposed to shine and I think it’s going to be lovely to be out there tending the plants all day, even if it’s mostly about pulling weeds.

Now if only I could get my hands on some asparagus and sunflowers…

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Davis Creek Trail

It was a beautiful day for Abby and I to head up the Davis Creek trail and over to the big cedars.

Well! Exactly one year ago today, I organized the same hike for the KMC club. We had a lovely hike all the way to Fishhook Lake – no snow left on the trail.

Today – huge amounts of snow. I went in up to my knees a few times. The going got a bit slow near the cedars – and tentative as I crossed the swamp. Abby and I wandered around the cedars for about 30 minutes and absolutely did not find the grove. It seemed to be inaccessible – swamp water and all that.

Still, we wandered, at times precariously, among gorgeous trees and eventually made our way back to the lookout point for a lovely lunch, basking in the sun.

Needless to say, this was Abby’s favourite part of the day – yes, she did get half my sandwich.

Lovely drive home – a quick watering of the garden – and now that lovely feeling of being physically tired.

Feeling good.

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It has been a very full day in the garden. From the time I got up until now – with a break for lunch and a short nap.

Simon worked on the flagstones; I planted out more stuff including the basil and the squash – the hugel is planted! Yay!

And then we built a new keyhole garden bed! Exciting. Now to find some asparagus plants to put in it.

But man – that was work. We dug up roots 6 feet long.

But yay! It’s getting better every day.

So exciting!

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Birthday Shenanigans

While I waxed eloquent and soppingly sentimental over my love for my birthday man yesterday, the reality of the evening was far less gooey.

Well, actually, it was pretty darn gooey if you count the trifle. Alisa and I made it according to his mother’s recipe (mostly Alisa made it). It was a huge hit, topping the gifts I believe. Or maybe not. There’s nothing quite like opening a new expansion pack of Cards Against Humanity and having 300 new, disgusting and rude answers to abstruse questions.

We had a lot of fun.

And good food.

And plenty of hugs and love to go around for everyone.

And then this morning, Simon and I drove to our lawyer’s office in Nelson – I am now, once again, a half-owner in our house. Wow!

Surreal and wonderful and scary and the best feeling ever.

So – maybe a little celebration tonight following hard on the heels of yesterday’s celebration. Hell, can you ever celebrate too often?

I think not.

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Love in the Time of Corona

Today we celebrate Simon’s birthday.

So – time for his favourite things: first, Alisa and I made his favourite trifle recipe, courtesy of his mother sharing what she used to make for him when he was a child. Fingers crossed he will love it. It surely does look pretty.

And first, a dinner with lots of cheese. How can we possibly go wrong?

But mostly, I celebrate by understanding how blessed I am to have this love in my life: to love this beautiful man and receive his love in return.

I am doubly blessed to share this home with him (officially again after our visit to the lawyer tomorrow). I am now fully pouring my love and care into all of it: the house, the gardens, the woods, the trails – all of it is beautiful and I can feel my roots growing deeper into it every day.

I am content. And I am excited. This feels so right.

But back to Simon. I celebrate that he is alive and in my life – that we found each other and then found our way back to each other.

Love. What on earth is more important than love? And isn’t it wonderful that the more of it you give away, the more there is to give away…

Happy. Delighted. Excited. Blessed.

Right now. This moment in time. Perfect.

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My first day of work for a while. We made a good start. The manuscript has begun with notes, a preface, and a good foray into the first chapter.

I worked hard all morning and up to about 3 p.m. After that, a walk with Alisa and Abby, a quick stop at the pharmacy and then back home with the intention of planting out the rest of the tomatoes and some summer bulbs.

Alas, it was not to be. Instead I got pretty wet bringing the pots back under shelter to prevent them from getting thoroughly pummelled by the rain. And then I had to build a fire. Yes, it’s that damp and chilly.

Spring. Rain. Great for the forest and the plants. Also great for the weeds. I’m hoping for a respite from the rain tomorrow so that I can plant and weed and find sticks in the woods for staking. So much to do….

And yes, I admit it – I love it.

So much to do, none of which is more important than celebrating my beautiful man’s special day tomorrow.


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