You know you’re not up to par when…

p1010024_fotorYou know you’re not up to par (read – sick) when:

You cancel a hike!

You do one load of laundry and it takes you five minutes and two rest stops to bring the clean sheets back upstairs

You take the dogs for a ten minute walk and you need a two-hour nap afterwards

You have twenty bazillion bars of very good chocolate in the house and you’re not interested in eating a single one of them

In fact, the thought of food is enough to make you cramp all over.

Lying on the couch under a down blanket is considered an “activity”

You look at your to-do list for today and ask yourself “what was I thinking?!”

And that’s just today. Last night was another thing altogether. Between being too cold, too hot and too damp (sweat), there was the rustling overhead on the ceiling, which, when I turned on the light, turned out to be a rat. Really? Yes, right above my head. He was wandering through the pink insulation, which will be replaced. So, I suppose we have a small pet until then.

And then there’s the stink bug that’s following me around – I swear it’s true.

On the bright side, I am sitting up for now – the sun is shining through the windows, which really is totally lovely – and Simon is coming home today to soothe my fevered brow, and/or lecture me on how I should be taking care of myself.

No matter – he will cure me with love.

Last night I was thinking that with all this rest, I should at least be having profound thoughts. I tried – really I did.

The deepest thing I came up with was wondering if I should eat some oats. I didn’t. End of thoughts.

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You know you’re not looking your best when…

p1010022_fotor You know you’re not looking your best when the plumber takes one look at you and offers to drive you to the medical clinic.

And that was this afternoon when I was beginning to recover just a wee bit.

Oh well.

Stomach still roiling like mad. After having a bite of breakfast and giving the rest to Abby this morning, I ventured a few squares of chocolate later this afternoon. It was a bad idea. How I know it was less than brilliant was that after eating it, I swore I would never ever put chocolate in my mouth again – ever! Yep – that bad.

I will listen to Simon’s advice later today, if I get hungry – which I sincerely doubt. Dry toast. And tea.

That said, I did accomplish a few things today rather badly.

First, I stayed in bed almost all morning – this, by the way, was one of the things I did well. I put up our bath caddy. I may or may not have done this well. Time will tell. I hemmed the curtains with Speed-Sew, a kind of fabric glue. And I thought I’d done it right. Nowhere on the package did it tell you that it would leak through to the other side with dark spots all along the hemming line. I also didn’t get one side completely even. And you know what? I don’t care. It is what it is. I got something done!

Mick (the plumber) came to fix a leak – turned out there was a hairline crack, which he made a bit bigger when he tried to fix it. He needs a new part, which he might get in Silverton, in which case he ought to be back with it any minute. More likely, he has to order it and be back with it Tuesday. This means he has turned the pump off and our water pressure will be low for a few days. No matter.

I quizzed him  on growing things and what grows best here because Mick is also an organic farmer. Turns out, the growing weather here is almost identical to Vancouver Island, except it’s a bit shorter. This didn’t surprise me because we are living in an interior rain forest. The landscape here fells utterly familiar – all the same evergreen trees and vegetation.

At any rate, I also took a few pics of the house so far – getting there. And I took a pic through our kitchen window – nice view!

That’s it then. I have officially run out of steam. I am going to assume that I will feel much better tomorrow. Fingers crossed.p1010023_fotor p1010024_fotor

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Moving part whatever

p1010019_fotorI was remiss in not posting yesterday. I have an excuse: I didn’t have it in me to sit up long enough to string a paragraph of words together.

I don’t know what happened, but suddenly, unexpectedly and fiercely, the crud descended on me. I got home at about 12.30 after dropping Simon off at the airport (Canclegar lived up to its name and I actually dropped him off at the Greyhound depot). So – at 12.30 I headed to the bathroom and then crawled under my down blanket on the couch. That’s where I stayed (with occasional runs to the bathroom) until it was time to feed the dogs at 6. It was actually time much earlier but I couldn’t get up to do it. Thankfully, the puppies are very forgiving. Back to the couch until I dragged myself to bed an hour later – slept until 7.30 with puppies surrounding the bed. My protectors.

I thought I felt better this morning but I took the puppies for a very brief walk on the property. Two feet up the hill I thought I was going to keel over. Really?!

I think it will be another day on the couch. I’m weak and in a constant state of nausea. Must be one of the worst feelings in the world.

Fingers crossed that I can post again later today reporting that I am totally well. And maybe – just maybe – I can get a little bit done. If I take it slow, maybe a chore or two.

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Moving – Day 14 or maybe 414

p1010016_fotor Yes, we took a brief break this morning to walk with the dogs along the Galena Trail – which was rather wonderful. It’s a long one. We could keep going all day. So – a good find. I suspect this one will be particularly awesome come snowshoe weather.

I have a hike lined up for Sunday! Things are looking up! (literally and figuratively)

And so the rest of the day has been spent working our butts off. Simon has been fixing stuff, doing electrical stuff, putting up shelves and – well – a zillion things that need to be done. I have spent most of the day arranging closets and kitchen cabinets and cleaning and – well, stuff.

There’s a reason moving is stressful.

Tomorrow we have to leave very early to get to the airport. And then, I have a list: lampshade, hemming tape, curtain rod (and curtain), bath caddy. And then back home to do more – um – stuff.

But I’m also going to walk with the dogs.

We’re getting there. And because we’ve been so busy, I still haven’t had the time to contemplate this new situation. Even this tiny bit of letting my mind drift is kind of scary. My first thought is that I am out of my mind to be doing this.

My second thought is either no I’m not or – well, I have always been out of my mind so what else is new?

p1010017_fotor p1010018_fotor p1010020_fotor

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Moving Part 3

p1000719_fotorRight – there was no blog post yesterday – and no wonder. yesterday there would have been no post even we’d had access to Internet. In other words, it was busy to say the very, very least.

Let’s see now – up at 6.30 and on the road from Hope by 7.30. We drove through rain and then more rain and later, even more rain. At the highest pass, the rain was actually quite thick and had turned mysteriously white at the sides of the highway. Happily, the road was simply wet – no more than that. We drove and drove and drove.

I think we got “home” (soon those quotation marks will disappear) at about 4 p.m. And that’s when the real work began. Simon unloaded most of the truck. I simply attacked each box as it came into the house. How is it possible for two people to own so much “stuff” even after making multiple runs to the recycling exchange and the landfill and having a garage sale and living a minimalist philosophy?

At any rate, we worked and worked. At about 8.30 we stopped to eat: cereal and PB and J.

Back to work. At about midnight we fell into bed exhausted, the good news being that we had a bed! We also had a bathroom (mostly) and even a couch to sit on!

We were up again at 6 this morning and back to working in very short order. So – here we are: end of day. We emptied the truck and took it back to Nelson. Essentially we’ve been doing nothing but unpacking all day – except for the fact that Simon has had to repair a washing machine, do something technical and highly complicated with our water filtration system and create an Internet hotspot for us. The fact is, Simon is a genius at figuring things out and fixing them. I am in total awe.

I’ve just been wandering around putting things in cupboards and on shelves and periodically, into the washing machine. (Simon has been doing 90 percent of the laundry today – not me)

We did get an amazing amount accomplished today. However, at about 6.30 or so, I suddenly realized that I needed something – I simply could not go on. I also had a pretty good idea of what I needed and when I mentioned my needs to Simon, what did he do? Well, this awesome man took care of them. Yes he did. He disappeared and came back fifteen minutes later with a bottle of Merlot.

Half a glass and suddenly I was right as rain. I spent the next hour blithely wandering up and down the stairs, gazing lovingly at pot holders, mixing bowls and lampshades with a complete lack of stress and not really caring too much where they all ended up. Yes, it’s possible that there’s a lampshade in the pantry – what the heck!

Tomorrow I hope to whip the house into pretty darn good shape and then, bit by bit, begin to pick up my life – that means hiking again or even just taking long walks with the dogs. It also means Scrabble with my love! And cuddles. And discovering this new life we have embarked upon.

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Moving Part 2

p1000699_fotorThis is where we are heading – this will be our new back yard.

But we are not there yet.

In fact, we are in Hope, in a motel room (a rather nice one) at the end of what feels like a very long day.

I cannot yet process what I am feeling emotionally. I am simply keeping my head down and putting one foot in front of the other. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy and love this new adventure with Simon. But I also know that there are emotions roiling around inside that I simply don’t have the time to confront. I want quiet and space to feel them, think about them and put them to rest. I’m not going to get that in the next few days.

Today we got an early start and packed the truck. That process took until about 12.30 p.m. And boy – that truck was full to the rafters. I didn’t think I had very much – I have lived a pretty minimalist life. Still, once we added everything stored in the garage, there was a fair amount of stuff.

And then, finally we drove away after good-bye hugs and a last walk in the field with the dogs. Odd – can’t think about it right now. This is not a good time.

We arrived at the Departure Bay ferry at about 1 p.m. set for the 3 pm sailing which, due to all sailings being cancelled yesterday, was running late. In short, I didn’t unload from the ferry on the Mainland until 5.30 p.m. Simon drove the truck. I had the car with two dogs and a very large bag of chocolate – this latter item being of primary importance.

It was close to 8 by the time we checked into our motel. We grabbed a bite of dinner and now, we are starting to decompress. Sort of. I hope. Maybe.

Tomorrow, another long day: about 7 hours of driving and then unloading the truck and at the very least, setting up the bed.

Moving – the most fun you can have by driving your belongings and yourself crazy.

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Moving Part 1

p1010010_fotorRight – here we are. Or, I should say, here I am, in a kitchen that is really nothing more than boxes stacked to the ceiling. But I am warm and dry. The boys (Simon and his bro, Jon) are outside loading all the big and heavy stuff into the U-Haul truck. Yes, they got the short end of this particular stick. Even loading tiny lightweight stuff would be no fun in this monsoon downpour. But they’re doing it!

Simon caught a ferry last night when, by all accounts, he should not have. The goddesses have been smiling down on us.

Simon was on his way and I thought to check the sailings – high winds – hmmm. I noticed that Horseshoe Bay was a very big mess but Duke Point had a possibility of a sailing. So I called Simon when he was coincidentally, about 10 minutes from the turnoff for Tsawassen. I suggested it as the better route. He did that and got there at 5.40. He assumed that he would make the 8. 15 sailing if he was lucky. But no – apparently there was room for one more vehicle. Drive fast, the person in the booth told him. And he did, just barely squeezing on and there he was, on what turned out to be the only non-cancelled sailing for the night. And you know what that meant?

It meant that about two hours later I was wrapped up in his arms – and then we were snogging – and then hugging some more – and then more snogging and then…. well, let me just say that it was awfully nice having him back.

Today was supposed to be a semi-down day. And I suppose in a way it was – but not really. After breakfast we took the dogs into the back forty – Shanara was beside herself with happiness. Then we shopped for a wifi home booster. No go – have to buy it online. Then back for lunch and a final touch to the packing which included taking down the TV and my big desktop computer etc. etc. Then it was time to pick up the truck and then a washer and dryer from Jim and Pat (thank you!) and then to Canadian Tire for hoses and then back home where, as I mentioned, the boys are getting very wet indeed.

All I really want to do is curl up somewhere and sleep.

Moving is stressful! Such an earth-shattering revelation.

I find my reaction to stress interesting. I’m a bit of a tortoise – I pull my head inside my shell. I keep plodding along doing what I have to do, but I definitely get into my turtle shell. It’s like a protective layer. I go quiet and my attitude becomes deliberate. I think I feel that if I remain quiet and calm then I can handle what needs to be handled.

This is likely not the most effective tactic in the world – but it’s the only one I have right now.

My life as I have known it for many years, is being torn apart. This is something I chose, but suddenly it’s actually happening. It’s not an idea and it’s not at some date in the future. it’s RIGHT NOW!

Deep breath. Remembering what’s really important: my husband, my family, our future, which includes a new home and an exciting new adventure.

Funny how my mind can hold both thoughts and ideas at the same time.

And that’s okay too.

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