Exploring and Dreaming

My last day here before heading back to the Island tomorrow. And it was a perfect day. Simon and I loaded the pups in the truck and drove to what “might” be our new land and home. We put on snowshoes and started to walk.

We think it’s the ideal place for us, right down to wetlands, benches, a garden area and a building we can make habitable.

So – no Nova Scotia trip. We are going to focus on the dream: a sustainable home in the mountains. We have begun. Everything that we have experienced, separately and with each other, has led us to this time and place. It is a place of vision and a place of love.

The road has had its bumps, twists and turns, but it brought us here to this perfect place. I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Silver Bump

Today has been a thoroughly beautiful day.

Four of us set out for Silver Bump. A simple, 3 hour snowshoe, I told Simon.

Ha! I forgot to take snow into account and the fact that no one had been up that way probably all winter. We broke trail through pretty deep snow. and, of course, found that the summer trail wasn’t necessarily a good idea in the winter.

So our 3 hour hike took almost 5 hours and at least three of us hadn’t thought to bring lunch. Or snacks.

A huge shout-out to Barbara who shared her energy bars! life savers.

And then I came home to a warm house and an even warmer hug. And lunch (whew!) and a nap and a bath.

So now I have one more day here. On Wednesady we head back to the coast.

And only three weeks after that I’ll be back here again. Two things immediately come to mind about being here. One – how beautiful it is here and how much I now embrace it. Two (and most important) – how much I love Simon and how right it feels to be with him – to  belong to him. Simon is my home.

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Before and after

There it is: what do you think?

Hair today and gone today. And no, it wasn’t even my idea. No nagging necessary. It was entirely Simon’s idea to cut it all off. I do, however applaud the decision. I think he looks gorgeous with the short hair.

So that’s the big news of the day. We had a big snow day and went for a lovely walk and tonight, an evening with friends.

Life is good.

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Recovery maybe

I thought I was all better. apparently not. I’m all stuffed up and my throat hurts and I lay down this afternoon for a quick nap – slept almost 2 hours.


Best part of the day – getting together with my niece, having lunch, walking at Bannock Point, and, of course, a nap.

It’s good to be connected with Sandi. Very good.

We have another couple of days and then Sheila and I will be heading back to the coast. I want to make the most of these days. I suppose just loving Simon is all I need to do to make the most of them.

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White Queen

White Queen today with an awesome group of people.

first, it was wonderful to have most  of my energy back. it was great not to have a need to throw up all over the trail.

It was truly great to be up there on such a perfect bluebird day and to come straight down the chute in some of the best powder I’ve ever experienced.

That is all. I will let the photos do the talking.

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Mountain Day

Great news! I feel about  90 percent well! this is good news because tomorrow morning we are off to do White Queen. I am excited about going up a mountain and not keeling over with nausea!

Today was also pretty awesome. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Abby and I went across the street this morning for a couple of hours, going up and down the ridges. Beautiful!

Then Simon came home early from work and we took the dogs to Bannock Point. So gorgeous.

Life feels pretty fine right now.

A salad tonight. A day in the mountains tomorrow with the best of friends. And my Love – my life partner – sitting across from me at the kitchen table. That is all I need to be living the life.

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So, I’m calling what I’m doing today “vegging.” In actual fact, I think I am in healing mode.

I have spent most of the day on the couch. And pay attention to how decadent this has been. I started off there right after breakfast and after Simon had left for work. I read, finishing my book at about 11. And that’s when I finally got off my butt and took Abby for a walk.

After lunch I was back on the couch for a nap, after which I stayed there to watch a movie I downloaded. Then, I heaved myself into an upright position again to take Abby for another walk. Turns out I’m the one who did the walking. Abby was willing to do the back 4 but that was all. While I continued to do the meadow loop, she sat in front of the house, waiting for me to come back, open the door and allow her to continue baking in front of the fire.

And yes, as I write this, I am fully flopped on the couch.

Simon would be so proud of me. He has been trying to turn me into a blob for years.

My excuse is that I am getting myself in fully healthy shape to tackle White Queen on Friday.

And that’s the story I’m sticking to.

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