Mount Kuskanax

It was another glorious day in the alpine. Peter, Sheila and I hiked up Mount Kuskanax. And yes, we made it to the top. The snow was slippery in many spots but firm. Most of the high ridge walk was almost a knife-edge – because that’s the way the snow melts. The way we looked at it – it made the hike just a bit more exciting.

And there we were at the top – finally with no horseflys. And it was chilly enough and windy enough to also eliminate the mosquitoes.

Hurrah all around.

So we had fun, post-holed rather deliciously a few times and enjoyed the wonderful adventure.

There’s really nothing like a good mountain day to get rid of cobwebs.

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I listened briefly to a CBC program today driving back from Bannock Point with Abby – about a woman who runs. A lot. And why does she run? “It stops the thoughts.”

I think that’s a big part of the reason I hike. And walk.

It stops the thoughts.

Out there I find a beauty that takes me completely out of myself. Out there it’s safe to be vulnerable. Nature never reacts. She just is. She absorbs everything and is kind.

Tomorrow – Kuskanax.

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Davis Creek Club Hike

Talk about having horseshoes! The forecast was for showers. And what did we have? Sun and warmth all day!

Not only that, but all the snow under the big trees on the Davis Creek ridge had melted in the last few days. We brought gaiters and didn’t need them.

To add to all that, we had a super group and tons of fun. And when we got to Fishhook Lake ( breeding ground for mosquitoes) – not a bug in sight.

So – it couldn’t have been a better day. We hiked up to the lookout, had a snack, and carried on to the old cedars. I think only one or two of us had been there previously. Lovely to see the awe and admiration everyone had for these stately and sacred giants. And then we carried on through more old trees to the lake. There we turned and headed back to the lookout for lunch before heading back down.

Cecilia came with two wire coat hangers with the idea of retrieving the gaiter that she lost over the edge of the cliff last time. However, what happened is exactly what I suspected. One of the younger guys said, “Hey! I can get down there!”

And he did! And he got the gaiter! Yay, Norm! A hero!

Sadly, the critters of the wild had found the gaiter before us and had decided that it would make wonderful nesting material. I don’t think Cecilia will be wearing it again. But hey! At least now some field nice will have a waterproof awning over their houses.

And before I leave the subject of Norm – there was one bad blowdown section on the trail. Norm had a hand saw and yes – he took care of it! Double hero! He even lost his sunglasses in the process and didn’t whine about it.

So, I said to him that I was eNORMously grateful. I know, “groan.”

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The Day Between Hikes

So here’s what happens in “retirement.” People either sit back and do noting, or, more likely, they become completely obsessed with something else that takes the place of a regular “job.”

In my parent’s case it was lawn bowling. (yeah – I know, huh?)

In my case, it appears to be hiking. Of course, I consider this far more legitimate and inspirational and productive than lawn bowling. But then – well – it is a slightly biased opinion.

So today is one of those days “off” – a between-hikes day. This is when I catch up on domesticity. I launder, bake, clean, garden, shop and walk dogs. Yes, I also waste time on Facebook but that’s domestic, right?

At any rate, today turned out ever so much nicer than forecast so, in the afternoon, I took the dogs for a walk and ran into Simon on his break! Yay! We walked quickly and shortly on the Galena Trail – Shanara was ecstatic. Daddy! Yay!

Abby was pretty happy too. When we got back to the parking lot she tried to get into the truck with Simon. Such a loyal dog! (sigh).

Tomorrow, a KMC hike and I have everything crossed that the forecast is wrong again.

It’s going to be fun!

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Lyle Lakes

I thought it was a bit daring for Peter and I to head up to Lyle Lakes today – a bit early in the season, I thought. But then, what the heck! We’ve already headed up Kuskanax and all  my  friends  on  the  island  are  sticking  on  crampons  and  digging  up  their  ice  axes,  so  why  not  us?

Shoulder season be damned!

It turned out to be a brilliant decision. Peter insisted we would not see snow until we got to Lyle Lakes. I laughed. We saw out first patch shortly after we climbed up the ladder near the beginning of the hike. About half an hour later, we put on our crampons.

Shortly after  that  we  found  some  rock  wells.  Wheee!

At some point we made the decision to stop following the trail. This may have been at the point where the trail disappeared in a field of snow. We headed straight up. The snow was nicely consolidated and it was a good decision. I only needed my ice axe for a short while too.

And then we got to the lakes. While Peter climbed up to a rock to play with his drone, I went of to the right-hand side of the lakes. I’d been meaning to explore there for ages. This was my chance! Wow! What a gorgeous area and such amazing views – entirely different from the other side. And to get across the stream, all I had to do was follow some giant moose prints. Now these prints were extremely fresh – no more than perhaps half an hour old. I was, on the whole, pretty darn pleased not to run into the owner of the prints.

I eventually came back and joined Peter for lunch on the sun-baked rocks and then we headed back down. By now the sun had done it’s job: the snow was turning into soup. And so we did our best boot-telemarking and got down pretty darn fast. In fact, very darn fast.

It was just one perfect day!


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Special Day

It’s a special day because it’s Simon’s birthday. And so, when I took Abby for a walk today at Bannock Point, I thought a lot about Simon – our time together.

I thought about our adventures in the Rockies and the many times we laughed so hard – or, should I say, that I laughed so hard – the times I had to run to the bathroom because I was so out of control.

We’ve had a great time. We’ve been in love. We had silly idiot grins on our faces those first weeks and months. We shared and still share important values. We’ve taken chances, leapt off the cliff, trusting we wouldn’t plunge but would grow wings instead.

We’ve supported each other in our dreams – and continue to do so. And that is why we are going to part. And I refuse to feel sad about that. This is what we have chosen. I suppose one reason I don’t feel sad is because I’m simply not thinking about it. I’m living the best life I can every day – looking for adventure, hiking, living in nature. Simon is also living his best life. And that’s what we want for each other.

At any rate, he’s a man who I will always love. And sometimes, love means being apart.

But tonight, Simon’s favourite meal and dessert. And a celebration of a beautiful human being.

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Workout Day

Yup – more than one workout today. First, I desperately needed a morning hike – and lucky for me, Sheila is back and was available for a quick walk. So I loaded Abby in the car and we headed up Payne Bluffs. I don’t know how fast we went up and down but I think it was pretty darn quick.

Then, after lunch I went up to the back 4 to get wood down for chipping and mulching the new beds. I rather wish I had kept track of how many times I slogged up and down. I suspect I almost did one more Payne Bluffs.

And that’s it for me.

I confess that I had a small hope, after yesterday’s showings, that there might be an offer coming in today.


My new attitude: piss on it!

In the meantime, I am organizing my Friday KMC hike and sorting out another hike with Sheila that could be kind of fun and brand new.

So there.

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