Reporter at Large

I was up at the crack of dawn (actually, before it cracked) and by 7 I was out of the house and driving to Procter. My timing was right and I got there at 9 as I had hoped.

So – three interviews in three hours. I took photos and, at the end of all that, was treated to a lovely lunch by the even lovelier Cecilia – and then a walk around her amazing property.

Funny thing – after a three-year hiatus, turning on the tape recorder and taking notes and asking questions – as though not a day had passed since I last did it.

I was in the groove. I have all the notes I need. I will do a telephone interview tomorrow and start writing. I know how to do this. I am confident in this. I know I will do a good job.

And so that feels nice.

Although, now, I am exhausted – not by the work – the driving. Two hours each way today felt like a lot.

Tomorrow I get to write. And that will be fun.

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The Garden

Today I sowed the peas, sweet peas, spinach and the first row of radishes.

In other words, it has begun. Tonight, the last of the potatoes.

Food planting. Yay!

And this morning I drove the truck to the shop to get the summer tires on. While Richard worked on that, I hoofed it up Payne Bluffs and back in less than an hour. That’s a good way to work up a sweat. The bad news is that the truck needs new brakes.


Oh well. Sometimes you just have to suck it up.

And that’s it. That’s my day. I just have to get ready for work tomorrow.

Imagine that! Work!


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Mount Kirkup and Mount Grey

We had a great snowshoeing day up Mount Kirkup and Mount Grey and looping back down the Old Glory trail.

The weather was not promising on the way up – and then – bingo! blue skies and sunshine! Layers were peeled off.

After that, it was a funfest of layers on and layers off and sunglasses on and off. We had snow and sun – cold and warmth, big wind on top of Kirkup and soft fluffy flakes of snow coming down Grey.

And we loved it. The weather gave us everything. Best of all, we had powder so coming down was a delight.

Great group: Ben and the women: Tammy, Cecilia, Leah, Kathleen and me.

A delightful extra: we found the door to the ski patrol cabin on top of Grey unlocked. Don’t tell anyone but we did go in (despite the sign saying “authorized people only”) and had lunch lolling on couches. I figured it was open so hey! We were duly authorized, right?

Still – don’t tell anyone.

Just a very great day.

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Well – that was a busy day. Once again, tidying up the house and cleaning for another showing (which I understand went well) and then off to Syringa with the dogs. It’s a nice walk and the sun came out for us to have lunch sitting on an old log on the beach. Rather lovely.

And then back via Dig Nursery for more seeds and onion sets.

Simon is madly preparing the ground in the lower garden for potatoes and onions.

And tomorrow – he’s back to work essentially doing exactly what he has been doing all weekend (whew!) while I put my snowshoes back on. I have to admit, after today snowshoes are going to feel odd.

But they’re going to get me up to the tops of two mountains so I’m not about to complain.

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Real Estate

We had a house showing today. Yay!

Currently, we have no idea how it went. That said, the good news is that I used the opportunity to spring clean. I cleaned everything – even the inside of the fridge and pantry. I even did dusting. Okay – some dusting. Not all dusting. You have to draw the line somewhere.

While I was doing that, which, by the way, included considering moving our pet basement spider outdoors (I let him stay), Simon was outside working madly on raking leaves and heaving logs around and doing other manly things that required brawn and muscle.

Having done all that and feeling righteous, we treated ourselves to lunch at Sleep is for Sissies and then took the dogs for a walk in Winlaw Park.

It was cold. And damp. And dank.

And I came home and had a nap and have not summoned up the energy to do anything else.

In my defense, I was going to go outside and plant the peas but discovered that we have the wrong kind of pea seeds so I didn’t go out. Not that I’m feeling terribly upset about that, mind you.

Another showing tomorrow and a hike at Syringa while that is going on. Things are moving in the right direction.

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Mount Sentinel

Today was a perfect spring hike – and a new one! Just when you think you’ve done it all, you have definitely not.

Last year we searched for the trailhead to this one – never did find it. But today was a KMC hike and now I know where to go to get on the trail!

I’d heard that this one was gnarly with exposed sections. Leon rated it C3. It was steep – no denying that. Other than that, it was a pure delight with no scary bits at all. We had a big group that quickly sorted itself out into the regular paced people and the slower ones. Who cares – we all had a wonderful time.

What I loved here was the green grass – the green everything! And the spring flowers! Glacier lilies! Buds on shrubs and trees!

It felt almost like being in alpine meadows.

Loved it.

Most of us made it to the “top” although the actual top would have meant quite a bit of postholing through snow.

We did three hours up, which was lovely and we sat in the warm sun having lunch and gazing out at a beauty mountain view.

It was a fine spring day.

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Gardening and more…

There is a theory that once you take a first step, things begin to fall into place.

Goethe said it best: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.”

Now I’m not saying I’m committed to anything; after all, committment is a very scary word. But today things began to shift. Yes – today. This exact day in the space/time continuum.

I attribute it to my first step: making a decision to do the Hoffman Process. I told myself the truth that there is emotional work to do and I am going to do it. I don’t know how yet – but I will.

So, first off, it seems that the Hoffman Institute is giving away a free course. I wrote the essay and sent it in. Will I get it? I don’t know. But it was a step. I also talked to a teacher/facilitator from the course. It was a good conversation. I am taking these steps.

And then the work began today for the Village Bakery project. I will be doing a lot of writing in the next two weeks. It’s lovely for this hiatus to end and for this work to begin.

And I got another email for an article submission. I’ve written it and am about to send it in.

And then the sun came out and I spent almost two hours in the garden. I dug a new flower bed and planted and I shovelled manure and did – well – gardening. And the sun felt good and the garden looks pretty.

Last of all, our realtor called. We have a showing this weekend with what Susan calls, “Qualified buyers.”

All this in the space of one day.

I feel more grounded than I have in a long time.

Tomorrow I hike/scramble. And with any luck at all, I’ll be doing it in the sun.

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