A very quick post

What do you do on a day when it’s raining so hard you think you’re living in a tsunami?

You write of course. I may have just completed my favourite story yet – but I’ve been writing since 10 a.m and it’s now after three. And I have to GO!!!

Skis. In Nelson. I have to drive in the rain and the dark. And I’m going to get those darn skis.

And revel in the afterglow of a story that I really really really like.

That’s three reallys. Hot stuff!

Meanwhile my darling husband is building new stories for the house. Awesome!

Things are happening.


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Finding myself pretty darn busy right now. I baked bread and wrote another story – took the dogs for a walk, did the shopping – am going to keep on editing Simon’s book again – technical stuff – 29 chapters to go! Whew!

And we only have Internet from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. for the next few days. Got to make that time work!

Oh yes – still grey.


But I think I’ve found my skis and boots and poles – bindings – the whole package. Driving to Nelson tomorrow afternoon to see them – hopefully they’re in great shape – and then buy them and bring them home.

That’s it. That’s the story. Sheesh!

Feeling very, very antsy. couldn’t  nap today. I have no idea what’s going on – but boy am I restless.

Some days are like that. No point in analysing. Better day tomorrow, I hope.



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It didn’t quite turn out as expected. Hmmm – this is beginning to be a frequent opening line to my posts. I wonder if there’s a message in there for me somewhere? Maybe a theme to my life?

Maybe also why I am increasingly taking a curious attitude about the future rather than a planning stance.

At any rate, Simon and I readied the house today for the Realtor’s inspection. For me this involved a lot of loads of laundry, considerable vacuuming and floor mopping, dog brushing, tidying and all that good stuff.

He arrived an hour early but we were fairly prepared anyway. He spent two hours with us, went over the property in detail. Simon , of course, knew his stuff – all the technical things that had been done since we bought it. At any rate, to cut to the chase, we agreed on a listing price (more than we had expected, which is nice) and signed to put it on the market Dec. 5. So that’s done.

How long it takes to sell? No idea. What we do when it sells? No idea. I simply believe that it will all unfold the way it should.

But I know that Simon and I are both pleased, happy, feeling good.

Change – it’s the only constant in life.

And so now – the photos: I had two good walks yesterday and today with Sheila – 10K and 6K – not hikes – walks. But they were good. Rainy, wet, cloudy – but the main thing was that we got out. And Abby even joined us today, which means that Sheila’s car got some good wet dog smell going for it to cover up the smell of spilled perfume. Yes – I prefer wet dog.

And tomorrow I will finally have a solid writing day.

And – oh yes – the Internet was back up at about 1 p.m.! Hurrah!

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Mama Sitas

97785B87-1D08-48D7-89C6-5F2F38204EAFFirst of all, this is our house with the railings finished. Personally, I think Simon did an amazing job and it makes a huge difference to how the house looks.  I also think it will impress the real estate agent coming tomorrow to look at and possibly list the house.

Second, today I am typing my blog on my iPad at Mama Sitas in Winlaw, a tiny enclave a half hour or so south of us. The reason? No Internet at our place.  Here’s the situation. Internet went down last night at about 10.30 pm. Simon called this morning to check on it and Columbia Wireless told him that Ben was “working on it.”

I hared off with Sheila this morning for a 10K walk, came back and still no Internet. My turn to call the company. Well, our tower is on top of Idaho Peak and it seemed that Ben was working on the situation by waiting for the cloud cover to clear so that he could get up there in a helicopter. Now, I know about the long term forecast. I suggested that we might be waiting until April. The guy on the phone laughed. I suggested that I was dead serious. He shrugged (yes – I could see him doing that on the other end of the phone) and said well, hopefully not.

I suspect that Simon and I may be spending considerable time (and money) at cafes for a while.

And that’s it. I’ll post this and keep my fingers crossed that there’s a hole in the clouds tomorrow. Madly curious to see how the realtor assesses our house tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

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Honestly? I have never lived in a place that is so consistently grey. Day after day I wake up, look out the window and it’s grey – not a light. silvery grey – an oppressive, clouds-hanging-low-in-the-sky grey.

I also admit that in the summer, the opposite was true. Although it was a smoky summer and there were times the sun was hard to find, it had nothing to do with the weather. We were praying for grey skies and rain. The amazing weather was one of the reasons I have never hiked so much in my life. It was glorious!

But the grey is getting to me. If I ever hear one of my Vancouver Island friends complain to me about rain, I will metaphorically slap them upside the head and tell them to try out this grey – see how that goes. I never did mind the rain (well okay  maybe somewhat) – it traded off with sun and all was good.

Looking for silver linings: one is that I can get a lot of writing done indoors.

Two – I get out anyway. Just like on the island, I never let rain stop me (huddling under big trees or in the lee of a cliff, wolfing down a sandwich in relative dryness), I am not going to let these clouds prevent me from getting out.

Lovely today to spend a couple of hours walking Nicky’s property – she has beautiful places to walk – lovely views. But best is the house. What an amazing place she and Brent have designed. In the first photo, you see it from a distance with its Kootenay siding (which one day will be covered up – or not as the case may be. It’s a very popular and cheap siding in these parts). Indoors it has been beautifully designed to take advantage of its location and views – with a big wraparound deck for summer living. Oh sure, they may still have purple walls – but hey – purple is a pretty cool colour, right?

So – after a two-hour morning walk, I took the dogs to Bannock Point this afternoon. And that’s about it. Am now playing with ideas for more stories. I’m pretty much ready to go with another one but I also need to get out for a full day tomorrow. I think it will be weather dependent. In other words, if I can drive and there’s no snow on the ground, I’ll be going. Where? Don’t know yet.

I have my bus ticket for Vancouver – leaving on the 29th. My  hero husband is going to drive me to Kelowna and then pick me up again on the 2nd of December. Long drive – also a long bus ride.

Going to see Sandra in hospice.

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Another story

Luckily – this hasn’t happened to me yet. And yes, I do have imaginary friends – tiny people living inside my head. But I won’t get into that. Simon can describe these little people better than I can – he has to put up with them.

I just finished another story. This one took most of the day. Of course there were a few breaks including a quick shopping trip to Nakusp. Sometimes you just have to suck it up and drive to the big city (population about 800 on a really good day). I mean, the local store does NOT have any sort of toothbrush selection. Really!

And so, I kept writing. About tomorrow, I know only one thing for sure – a walk with Nicky on her property. Will I write? I don’t know. I do know that I have to get out for a full day on Monday. I’m just not quite sure how I’m going to make that happen.

And on Tuesday, a real estate agent.

I feel optimistic that the next step is going to be good for both of us: freedom to do what we love without worrying about money. And maybe some day I won’t worry about winter driving. Maybe.

At any rate, I am planning on spending a good deal more time with my imaginary friends.

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A Multitude of Thoughts

I was thinking of two other titles for this post: one was “miscellaneous (because it felt like I was going to write about a ton of bits and pieces) and the other “vanishing thoughts” (because way too often – as soon as I have a good thought to write down, it vanishes.)

I suspect then that I am left with nothing today but a bunch of rambling. So – here goes!

I have two good story ideas (my unbiased (!) opinion) but today was a trip report day plus making sourdough bread plus laundry and cleaning which took a bit longer than expected because I (with Simon’s help) had to take the vacuum cleaner apart to unplug it. This took time. Okay – Simon did it – I sort of watched anxiously.

Then it was noon! How did that happen? And then I got involved in a very long discussion on social media about elephant hunting. It seems there are those who believe that shooting elephants and bringing home the trophies is good for the animals(!!!???) The money the hunters spend goes to conservation efforts.

I don’t think at this point I really want to get into why this is the most specious argument ever. It’s a lot like trickle-down economics. Bogus!

Shooting (murdering) an innocent and highly sentient and intelligent being saves it? Sure! And the money goes where? Conservation? Really? I’d like to see those stats. Oh – and National Geographic endorsed that. Funny they didn’t do it until  Rupert Murdoch bought the organization and fired most of the staff.

Funny too that Trump says it’s now okay to bring elephant trophies to the US. I suppose it’s merely a coincidence that his oldest son loves to shoot big animals to display his manliness. I’ll bet he has the smallest dick on the planet.

Oh – and, of course, elephants are endangered.

Here’s my thing (well, one of my things) – when you encroach on an animal’s habitat and you drive it into tighter and tighter quarters, stop blaming it for getting a tad upset and maybe nibbling on your garden produce. Can we please stop putting band-aids on wounds that require major surgery? Every time we come up with one of these solutions to problems we caused with another solution, we create more problems. We are intelligent enough to look at the cause and go there. Give the elephants their habitat back. Stop exploiting these African countries. Cut off the ivory trade at the knees. Make penalties very, very big.

Okay – I have to stop with this rant now. But I’m just so tired of man’s justification for behaving badly. The roundabout reasoning is insane.

Okay – what else? We’re getting close to having the railings done. Simon’s doing an awesome job and because he’s working in the basement, I don’t have to hear too much of the cursing (whew!) A little while ago he had to do something with paint or glue or something. At any rate, he’s got windows open and fans on but it’s still in the air. I notice I’m beginning to feel more and more mellow. Deep breaths – ahhhhh.

A writing day tomorrow – and wracking my brains about what and where to hike and/or snowshoe on Sunday. And Monday! Need to get out.

But in the meantime, more deep breaths – god, I feel good!

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